Stop No 2: Tel-Aviv – 13.04.2016

The beginning of another adventure abroad turned out to be an experience in itself, as it usually happens with Szpak 😉 “I overslept for my flight” – Michal confessed on Facebook, and the topic was eagerly picked up by Plejada….

Stop nr 1: Amsterdam – 11.04.2016

It’s time to start the pre- Eurovision marathon! On 9th, 12th and 17th April – Michał is going to sing for the European audience at promotional events before the May Song Contest. The mini- tour is mentioned, among others, by Interia and Eska….

As in a post – card – 09.04.2016

A colorful promotional video  with Warsaw during Spring time in the background …The  Industrial Gdański Bridge, the picturesque Łazienki Królewskie or the stimulating imagination Copernicus Science Centre – we already know that these spots are going to be there in…

From Poland with love – 31.03.206

On Monday, 4th April, in Warsaw, the Swedish film crew is going to recordrecord Michał’s Eurovision video for his performance in Stockholm. According to the script, fans of Michał are going to take part in the recordings, therefore we count…

No time for cartwheels! – 24.03.2016

Since the National Selections, journalists are constantly inquiring about Michał’s strategy to conquer Stockholm and the preparation progress. In quite an extensive interview for TVP The artist announces promotional performances in various European cities, reveals how he finds himself in…

Eurovision controversy – 11.03.2016

Michał has been seen as controversial since the very beginning of his career, and the tense aura around Eurovision creates various speculations concerning the participants every year. This time, however, the unfounded allegations aimed at our Artist have caused a…

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