29 April 2017

60 seconds of Szpak – 20.04.2017

Sony Music Poland presents Michał in 60 seconds  :-D Let's listen, Michał might be able to surprise us with something? https://www.vevo.com/watch/michal-szpak/60-with/PLB391700034?share_location=watch_page&platform=web&share_platform=link&isrc=PLB391700034

Easter – 15.04.2017

Easter is a time of comfort and hope, a time of rebirth of faith in human strength. We wish Michał and all his fans, happy days, full of Spring carelessness, unrestricted fantasies and unconditional love from your loved ones. May...

A letter to Szymon – 13.04.2017

Dear All! We receive many questions from you about Szymon's health condition. We have good news. :-) :-D Szymon is already at home and he is recovering, his family is looking after him. Physically, he feels much better, and we ...

”Moja miłość największa” – 07.04.2017

60th birthday, 45 years of artistic work and the premiere of a new, 20th album of Michał Bajor, so "Jest Okazja". Michał, in a program "Jest Okazja", sang a beautiful song by Michał Bajor "Moja Miłość Największa" https://www.telemagazyn.pl/artykuly/jest-okazja-do-spotkania-z-michalem-bajorem-wideo-zdjecia-57026.html http://muzyka.interia.pl/wiadomosci/news-michal-bajor-swietuje-jest-okazja-w-tvp2,nId,2378872 You...
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