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The history of our Fan Club is closely connected with the first performances of Michal Szpak on the X Factor in 2011 where the fans’ passion was born. A group of fans began to form and have accompanied him on his artistic journey ever since.    

In 2011 we created a Facebook fan page for Michal Szpak, gathering his fans and supporters. In the same year, we also received an authority from the Artist himself and since then we have acted as the Official Fan Club of Michal Szpak. A website was published in 2012 which now has a new, updated version.

The first years of the Fan Club’s activity were extraordinary, filled with musical (and not only) meetings with our artists. We, his loyal fans, followed him everywhere. Wherever he went, he could always count on our presence and support. There was a lot of madness, joint concert expeditions and joyful meetings. Many friendships were born there and continue to this day.

Along with Michał’s success in Eurovision in 2016, interest in our artist increased significantly and more and more fans grew with each passing day. In May, a closed discussion group was formed on our Facebook fan page, which already had several thousand members in the fall. One of the first big fan actions was the preparation for October concerts in Łódź and at Torwar in Warsaw. We realized more and more that we were starting to operate on an incomparably larger scale than before, therefore our OFC should acquire a more formal character, appropriate for social organizations. We soon decided to transform the previously informally operating Fan Club into an organization with legal entity.


In November 2016, Michał Szpak’s Official Fan Club Association was established, whose main goals were expressed in the adopted statute of the Association. As before, the main goal of our Fan Club, which has been operating since then as an association, was to support our Artist on all levels of his activity and organize his fans, that is…in good times and in bad… for richer or poorer… through thick and thin.


In accordance with the statute, the most important goals of Michał Szpak’s Official Fan Club Association are:


– promoting and supporting culture and artistic creativity, in particular music;

– undertaking cultural activities and initiatives;

– organization of artistic and entertainment events promoting music, in particular the music of Michał Szpak;

– dissemination and promotion of artistic creation, in particular the work of Michał Szpak;

– supporting cultural education of society by promoting musical events and music, in particular the music of Michał Szpak read more


On January 2, 2017, just five days before the next fan meeting, the Michal Szpak Official Fan Club Association was officially registered in court. We first informed the fans of this at the meeting and Michał himself invited them to work and have fun together as members of the MS OFC Association.

We do just that by jointly engaging in the activities of the Fan Club, organizing fan actions, meeting together on various occasions and creating a great family atmosphere, but also, together with our Michał, participating in various charity activities for the benefit of sick and injured children. Above all, however, we want to show the world how important our artist is to us, how much his music gives us and how much good energy we receive from him at his concerts. Join us! Welcome to the magical Szpak World! Let this magic whirl around you and introduce you to the land of new and extraordinary musical sensations!


Finally, we would like to thank the people who made all these beautiful things possible: Agata Tajchman, who initiated the formation of MS OFC, Ania Myślińska Sun for running the site and the fan page during the first years, Magdalena Kluba, Jola Maj, Ola Massalska, Magdalena Fijał and Renata Roszkowska for their heart and work for our fan group, as well as others who are too many to mention and who have contributed so much to this Fan Club.

And finally, our beloved Renia Nektarowska, who is no longer with us, who was Michal’s and our good friend. Renia, you will always remain in our memory and hearts! Thank you!



Welcome to our page and thank you for being with us.

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If you would like to become a member of the Michał Szpak Official Fan Club Association, please complete the registration form on the Fan Club Membership Registration page.  

Michał z chłopcami z zespołu Whiplash zapraszają fanów do Oficjalnego Fan Clubu.

Nasz pierwszy ręcznie namalowany pzrz Magdalenę Klubę OFCowy baner. Krotoszyn 2012r.

Tak oto dumnie prezentował się nasz baner na koncercie w Łodzi w 2013 r. 

OFC w Czeladzi w 2012 r.

Koncert w Lubawie  w 2012 r.

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