Stop nr 1: Amsterdam – 11.04.2016

It’s time to start the pre- Eurovision marathon!

On 9th, 12th and 17th April – Michał is going to sing for the European audience at promotional events before the May Song Contest. The mini- tour is mentioned, among others, by Interia and Eska.

On Saturday evening Szpak performed during the first of the gigs, together with 28 other performers,  of 8th edition of ”The Eurovision Concert” in Amsterdam. According to is the biggest event of this kind before the Eurovision, it is called a warm-up before the May contest”. “Our Representative had the opportunity to” meet over half of his competitors over there “.

As soon as he arrived to the Netherlands  w chwili przybycia do Holandii we could see the spark  – the one in the artist’s eyes and the one in his clothes 😉

And this was indeed the case – Michał, who was wearing gold, shone brightly on the stage of Melkweg, an object in the very centre of Amsterdam, where the whole event was organized. The first reviews after the party are full of delights. This is the way, the reported of Plejady describes the performance of the Polish participant:

The artist amazed the audience! He was one of the most applauded singers in the hall, and the audience was humming his song “Color of Your Life” even after the show.



Szpak rules in Amsterdam! (…) it was Szpak who ‘’bought’’ the audience with his performance.

Thanks to the catchy tune and the well-thought-out refrain beginning with the swinging “Oooo ooo o”, the audience sailed with the Polish representative who, after the performance, sang one more time a capella, and after that he sang together  with the presenter. None of the participants was able to amaze the audience to such an extend .

The international team of Wiwibloggs also noticed our candidate:

Some of the expected, strong performances have remained that way. But this evening there were also some interesting surprises, (…) we have to name a few of them. Michał Szpak from Poland received one of the loudest applause this evening. After his performance, the audience repeated the simple but powerful chorus, and the vocalist was clearly moved by this warm reception.

Gala says that “he brought Amsterdam to its knees” 🙂 Interia i Eska

they join the enthusiastic choir praising Michał’s great ability to promote himself before Eurovision:

The performance of Michał Szpak (…) aroused a great appreciation among the large audience. No one expected it – they sang with him the most energetic moment of the song. The Internet users, from all over Europe, praise the Polish representative.

Below there are a few shots from this exciting evening and – above all – an extensive video report! You can ‘’satisfy your eyes and ears’’ with what Szpak showed the Netherlands. We keep our fingers crossed for him all the time, and we are jealous that the audience of Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and London is so lucky to hear Szpak live for the first time – PRICELESS !  🙂

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