As in a post – card – 09.04.2016

A colorful promotional video  with Warsaw during Spring time in the background …The  Industrial Gdański Bridge, the picturesque Łazienki Królewskie or the stimulating imagination Copernicus Science Centre – we already know that these spots are going to be there in a few second – video that has recently been recorded with Michał . It is going to be shown during the Eurovision final, just before our representative comes out to the stage. This is the moment, when we can show the artist and his country to approximately 200 million of viewers.  Our vocalist and the Swedish team were accompanied by several different reporters, who were observing the progress of the recordings of the video. prepared a report from the plan, informing that this year’s video “will present the artist in the natural environment, in the company of his friends and fans. The video will also present the artist’s hobby and his way of spending free time”. In Pytaniu Na Śniadanie we can see what the recordings of the video looked like.

The final part of the video is the presentation of this year’s Eurovision slogan “Come Together” – the faithful fans of Michał were invited to take part in the recordings. The Official Fan Club gathered them in Łazienki that day. On behalf of Michał, and on our behalf,  we would like to thank You all for coming! If you took part in the recordings, you may find yourself in our gallery facebookowej galerii. Below, a short video that was recorded by ‘’the eye of our camera’’. We hope that, in the video,  you will be able to feel the sunny, joyful atmosphere accompanying the whole event…  🙂

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