X Factor

The people of Jaslo cheering for Michał Szpak at the Jaslo Town Hall – Jaslonet – 05.06.2011

http://www.jaslonet.pl/kultura/jaslanie-kibicuja-michalowi-szpakowi-na-jasielskim-rynku,5594.html Fotorelacja: http://www.jaslonet.pl/fotogaleria/jaslanie-kibicuja-michalowi-szpakowi,392.html From early hours of the morning, a TVN24 team is broadcasting live from the Jalso Town Hall. TVN24 journalists are also present in the other two cities, where the X Factor finalists come from.

X-Factor: Michał Szpak from Jasło enchanted the judges – ePolonia – 26.02.2011

http://www.epolonia.us/wiadomosci/rozrywka/muzyka/1085-x-factor-michal-szpak-z-jasla-zaczarowal-jurorow No one has expected that from Michał Szpak. Wearing controversial clothes and behaving in a controversial way 20-year-old boy from Jasło astonished a jury during a casting for a new talent-show “The X-Factor”. With his performance of a song…

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