31 October 2018

Rogalska na deser

Rogalska od kuchni (Rogalska backstage)

Michał Szpak was a guest on Marzena Rogalska's latest episode of "Rogalska od kuchni". About his album "Dreamer", working on "The Voice of Poland", and also about... starlings! Click on the image. Listen to the interview.

Interrogation – Michał Szpak

Interrogation – Michał Szpak. How many times did Michał Szpak have to take the driving license test before he passed it? 🙈 Would he be able to forgive a betrayal? 🤔 Michał answered YOUR QUESTIONS 😍 have a look!  

bywanie na dywanie

Bywanie na dywanie

"Bywanie na dywanie" is Aleksandra Kot’s TV show and a joint venture with ESKA TV and Paulina Koziejowska, a reporter for Se.pl. With the help from journalists, the hosts present current events from the world of entertainment, culture and sport....
kuby wojewódzkiego

Michał in Kuba Wojewódzki’s TV show.

Michał Szpak was a guest in the program of  Kuba Wojewódzki. You can watch the full episode here: kuba-wojewodzki-odcinki,455 https://player.pl/programy-online/kuba-wojewodzki-odcinki,455/odcinek-5,S25E05,115106 During the program Michał performed his latest single "Rainbow" from his album "Dreamer" Click the picture. Listen to "Rainbow"
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