Michał Szpak was born on 26th November 1990 in Jasło. He comes from a musical family, and his older sister Marlena is a talented soprano who studied opera singing in Italy. Michał’s first performance took place during a Christmas competition in the Culture House in Jasło in 1999. At that time the spectators could already see a unique character of the young performer as instead of a traditional Christmas carol Michał chose an unknown pastoral.

Already in a high school, Michał devoted himself with all his heart to music when he joined, as a vocalist, a local rock band ‘’Whiplash’’ founded by Kamil Czapla. Within the next two years, the group gave dozens of concerts in Jasło and the surrounding area. Their greatest success was the main award in the national song contest: Sing ‘’Wilki” in 2009. Robert Gawliński was impressed with their cover of a song “Cień w dolinie mgieł” and with the expressive way of singing by Michał, what gave the band the first place. The time with ‘’Whiplash’’ was for Michał an intense period of experiments with his image, his original stage stylizations plus make-up were important elements of the performances.

The beginning of 2011 was the end of Michał’s underground activity. The singer took part in castings for the first Polish edition of ‘’The X –Factor’’, a world-famous talent show. The premiere episode, when Szpak bravely performed Czesław Niemen’s song “Dziwny jest ten świat”, was aired on 6th March 2011. The 20-year-old boy from Jasło rapidly became a nationwide sensation, gaining both thousands of fans and many opponents.

Michał went through to the final of ‘’The X- Factor’’ performing his own versions of songs such as “Purple Rain”, “Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door”, “You Are So Beautiful” or “Californication”. Eventually he placed himself on the second position in the program, only one step lower than a blues vocalist Gierek Loska.

Only two weeks after the final episode of ‘’The X –Factor’’, 17th June, Michał performed during the Orange Warsaw Festival at the Legia Stadium, where he sang as “support” for such foreign stars as: My Chemical Romance, Skunk Anansie and Moby. The opportunity to present himself during the OWF festival was the award for scoring the second place in ‘’The X – Factor’’.

During Summer and Autumn of 2011 Szpak, together with his colleagues from ‘’Whiplash’’, gave several concerts in various Polish cities. At the same time, he began working on his debut album, which was to be created at Universal. In addition to that, at the end of July, Michał informed his fans that he was going to take part in the 13th edition of “Strictly Come Dancing”, in order to – as he stated – ‘’broaden his horizons’’ and develop himself in various artistic fields, not only vocal art.

Michał started his performance in “Strictly Come Dancing” on 4th September, becoming very quickly the most colourful, original and the most- often commented on participant of the dance show. Despite quite strict notes from the jury, he gained a huge sympathy of the audience and a great support of the fans, what allowed him reach 10th episode.

A month after the end of the adventure with dancing, on 13th December, Michał’s debut album was released. The EP was entitled “XI”, which is a reference to the numerological number of the vocalist. There were five songs on the album, and the promoting single was a ballad “Po Niebo”. Michał promoted his first album during the Press Tour in Poland in January and February 2012. It was an opportunity to meet his fans as well as share with them his experience and impression after his work on his first album. He was also telling them about his future plans.

On 29th March 2012, there was a grand premiere of his first music video for ‘’Revolution’, a magical convention, which received a positive feedback from the listeners.

On 1st June 2012, Michał performed during 49th KFPP in Opole, where he gave a daring show singing Czesław Niemen’s song “Płonie Stodoła”. He also sang two other songs that year- “Little Gigolo” in a duet with Marta Bizoń and “Pokolenie” (a cover ‘’Kombi’’ band) – it was during the ‘’Cabaret November Nine Night 2012’’ in Tarnów, organized in cooperation with TVP2. Later on, TV2 invited Michał for the New Year’s Eve celebration in Wrocław. For this occasion, Szpak prepared a very energetic version of a song “I’m so Excited” by The Pointer Sisters, and he also sang the hymn by Niemen “Dziwny jest ten świat”. The show was seen by the audience in Wrocław plus a record number of 3.5 million viewers in front of TV sets.

The year 2013 brought new emotions and experience. In June, Michał gave his first official show abroad, during the International Football Stars Tournament in Moscow. The performance of the Russian romantic ballad ” Oczy Czornyje” turned out to be a prelude to his success, which was soon to be scored by the vocalist during the Russian Song Festival in Zielona Góra. On 17th August 2013, Michał conquered 11 artists when he took part in the event broadcasted by TVP2. He received the largest number of votes from the audience and got the first place together with a symbolic Golden Samovar and a cash prize.
In 2013 the vocalist sang in Munich during the Oktoberfest, 18th Polish-German Festival of Culture, where he was warmly received by the local Polish community.

In November he took part in the gala concert of Piotr Skrzynecki Festival in Mińsk Mazowiecki. Having the privilege of performing together with the musicians of ‘’Piwnica pod Baranami’’, Michał presented his own interpretation of “Testament” with the text of Zbigniew Herbert, originally performed by Grzegorz Turnau. Continuing his inspiration with Turnau’s repertoire, Szpak returned in December to Zielona Góra to enchant the audience with the performance of two pastorals: “W kropki zielone” and “Piosenki tej słuchajcie”. He was awarded with thunderous applause, as well as a statuette of ‘’An Angel of the Year’’ as a supporter of a campaign of “It is worth to help”, which was the motto of the festival..

Another opportunity to support the noble idea, as well as a way to present himself to a wider audience, was a performance for ‘’The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’’ in Szczecin in 2014.

Szpak appeared once again in the Opole Amphitheatre that year, when he took part in the Jubilee Gala “25 years! Freedom! I love and understand! ” during 51st Polish National Song Festival. The vocalist performed again a song by Niemen ‘’Jednego serca’’, proving his great ability of uncommon vocal-interpretive techniques.

In August 2015, thanks to the initiative of the OFC, a piece of a song “Dziwny jest ten świat” by Michał was sent into the outer space on board of the Polish satellite Heweliusz.

The artist accepted, one more time, an invitation to participate in the Christmas final of the action “It is worth to help”. For a delightful interpretation of Christmas lyrics by Twardowski he received a huge applause from an audience in Zielona Góra. Szpak also became an honorary member of the Association.

In 2015, Michał faced an unusual artistic challenge, which was a participation in the 36th Review of A Stage Song in Wrocław. His performance of “Godzina W” during a series of concerts of a gala entitled ‘’Proszę Państwa, będzie wojna’’ turned out to be one of the most moving performances of the young singer. The spectacle was broadcasted one more time as part of the Theatre Studio of TVP2.

Michał’s cooperation with his new manager Jacek Jastrowicz, and the agency Music Art, initiated a completely new stage in Szpak’s professional life. A premiere of a single “Real Hero” in April, which was is a prelude to his full-length album, aroused interest of the media and won favourable opinions of the public. The promotional video on YouTube has been watched over half a million times during the first week.

In June, the Polish version of the “Real Hero”, brought Michał a victory in the Opole SuperPremiere concert during the 52nd National Festival of Polish Songs. The contest featured stars such as Maryla Rodowicz, Natalia Kukulska or the IRA band, however, the viewers’ votes confirmed that the star with his lively composition was an undisputed favorite that evening.

The next trailer for the upcoming album was the clip to the single “Byle Byc Soba,” which involved fans’ participation. On November 13, the long-awaited album with the same title was released, which is the unquestionable motto of the controversial Artist. And indeed, the musical content of the album turned out to be coherent with Szpak’s originality and versatility. Inspiring, thoughtful material exposed the huge scale of Michal’s vocal abilities and different shades of his emotional nature, which the listeners soon got to appreciate. Over 30,000 copies of the record sold placing it in on top of the OLiS charts which earnt it a platinum certification. The album was of great importance to Michał for another, very personal reason: it was dedicated to his beloved, deceased mother, who taught him about love for freedom and art.
Later that year, in December, another music video was released to the song “Such is Life”, which was presented as a potential entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Soon after, however, an official poll was released where the fans were to decide with which song Szpak, in their opinion, could conquer Europe. Finally, the chosen song was an expressive and with equally demanding vocals, though less melancholic ballad “Color of Your Life”, reminiscent of the contest’s traditions.

Michał’s New Year’s Eve performance in Krakow ended the experiences filled year. And perhaps even he himself could not suspect how electrifying it would be to him the next year.

Already in January 2016, the vocalist took part in TVN’s “Agent” show filmed in South Africa, once again allowing him to express his adventurous nature. He was eliminated in the 4th episode, but he proved to both participants and viewers that in the face of the most extreme challenges he lacks neither courage nor sense of humor.

On May 5, and artist with the song “Color of Your Life” in a daring style outclassed the competition during the Polish National Selections for the contest which was broadcast on TVP. The seventh entry turned out to be a lucky one; 35.89% of the SMS votes opened the door for Michał to participate in the largest Eurovision music event since 1956, this time taking place in Stockholm.

Before Szpak went to Sweden as a Polish representative, he joined the promotional tour preceding the contest, during which he had the chance to sing for an international audience in Amsterdam (Eurovision in Concert), Tel-Aviv (Israel Calling) and London (London Eurovision Party).

The beginning of May was full of intensive rehearsals in Stockholm. On May 12, thanks to a fantastic performance in the second semifinal of Eurovision, Michał qualified for the next stage. On May 14, during the final concert, in front of over 200 million viewers from around the world (including 5 million from Poland) the Artist not only delivered monumental artistic impressions, but also during announcing the voting results, he made the most spectacular climb on the scoreboard. After taking the penultimate place with 7 points awarded by the jury, the vocalist sailed to the 8th place thanks to the 222 points from viewers. He was third in the voting, receiving, among others, 12 (maximum) points from Austria, The Netherlands and United Kingdom. At the same time, he achieved the third best result in the history of Poland’s participation in Eurovision.

The “Color of Your Life” single went triple platinum and the Artist’s fan clubs began to appear in various corners of the world – from Russia to Australia.

This year Michał also triumphed at the 53rd National Polish Song Festival in Opole. On the second day of the festival, as part of the outside competition performances, he sang the songs “Jestes Bohaterem” and “Color of Your Life” so that the same evening, during the SuperJedynka 2016 competition, returned with the song “Byle Byc Soba” and received the viewers’ choice SuperArtysta Award. The culmination of a series of successes was the Grand Prix in the Złote Opole concert, a day later, on June 5, awarded to Szpak for “Jestes Bohaterem”. This prestigious award, summing up the 53-year tradition of the festival, affirmed the young artist place on the Polish music scene and in the hearts of listeners.
The October concert at Torwar in Warsaw was a joint musical celebration with Michał and his fans who came from different parts of Poland and Europe especially for this event. Among the surprises, there was a duet with his older sister Marlena, and the climax was presenting the artist with a symbolic platinum disc for the album “Byle Byc Soba”.

That same year, the Vocalist won the Plejada Stars’ Personality of The Year poll and was awarded The Rose of Gala in the online category.

In December, at the Łódź Atlas Arena, Michał appeared as a guest on a special show “Queen Symphony” organized in connection with the 25th anniversary of Freddy Mercury’s death. Together with Joanna Woś, a world-renowned soprano, he performed the song “Barcelona” and a touching solo composition of “Love of My Life”.

During TVP’s Gallery of Champions show, Szpak gave a musical tribute to Marek Grechuta by performing the song “Korowod”.

The artist celebrated the last evening of 2016 at a New Year’s Eve event where he performed his Eurovision song.

The artist started 2017 with a bang with his “Color of Your Life” single going triple platinum on January 25.

Michał Szpak concert tour with the same name, covered many Polish cities including: Jaworzno, Rybnik, Zakopane, Kielce, Kalisz, Białystok, Szczecin and many more. In the meantime, the vocalist was a guest at the Poznań Earth Hall New Year’s Concert.

In March, Michał Szpak sang alongside the Hungarian Omega band during the Days of Polish-Hungarian Friendship celebration in Piotrków Trybunalski.

On May 26, the singer visited the Sopot SuperHit Festival where he sang two tracks from his album: “Byle Byc Soba” and his Eurovision hit.

Michał also visited Brussels with his band.

On June 24, the artist returned to his hometown, he was the music star at the 2017 Jasło Days celebrations. The concert brought the vocalist and his fans a lot of joy. “Michał Szpak’s phenomenal evening”, the Jasło media wrote about the concert.

His Color of Your Life Summer tour took his fans to seaside resorts.
In July, Michał Szpak’s concert took place in the unique scenery of the Wieliczka Salt Mine where he was accompanied by emBand from Jaworzno. The artist performed his work in arrangements prepared especially for the Summer Music Festival 2017.

In August, the vocalist was again a guest at the Sopot Top of the Top Festival.

At the end of summer Michał Szpak made his debut as a coach on “The voice of Poland”. The artist’s participation on the project ended with a huge success, his protégé Marta Gałuszewska became the winner of the show. During the finale Michał performed in a duet with his winner singing “Don’t Poison Your Heart” single, heralding his new album.

Michał Szpak ended his successful year by participating in TVP2 New Year’s Eve concert in Zakopane. In addition to his own songs, he performed in a duet with Maryla Rodowicz singing her hit “Ale to już było”.

2018 began with hard work for the young singer.

At the beginning of January, he performed at the Carnival Concert in Krakow, and a few days later, he performed in support of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Słupsk.

Already in the first days of February, Michał Szpak’s special “Classica tour” got underway in Bydgoszcz, accompanied by an opera singer, and in private life, his sister Marlena. The artist showed us his new style by performing the great movie hit “E Piu Ti Penso” by Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande in a duet with his sister. The song itself was written by Ennio Morricone.

Michał together with his sister, toured the biggest concert halls and theatres in the country.

At the beginning of the year, the artist was honored by viewers for his participation on “The Voice of Poland” with the Telekamery 2018 trophy in the Juror category. It was a huge distinction for Michał Szpak, who debuted in the coaching seat.

On 24th May 2018 a new single was released ‘’King of the Season“ and the new album is going to be released on 7th September 2018.

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