25 February 2017

We are growing ! – 25.02.2017

WOW! You’ve done it. :-) A moment ago the number of the members of our discussion group has hit 10,000! :-D :-D :-D On the fanpage, however, we are approaching 13,000 likes. :-D Thank you for being with us :-) ...

A busy day – 18.02.2017

Michał's day today is a real roller coaster :-) A visit in Pytanie na śniadanie, a rehearsal for the Polish Pre- selections for the Eurovision 2017, a gig in Kalisz and an evening performance during the Pre- selections in TVP :-)...

A weekend with Radio Fama – 18.02.2017

A weekend with Michał Szpak in Radio Fama :-) Today and on Sunday, an extensive interview: about the backstage of the Eurovision, plans for the future,  style and image, problems with health, endless and extreme emotions and gossip about him :-)

Michał’s visit to the Department of Pediatrics, Hematology and Pediatric Oncology in Szczecin – 11.02.2017

Michał has once again shown he has a big heart. He brought laughter and a lot of positive energy to the children at the Oncology Department in Szczecin together with our  teddy bears Szczecin website informs about Michał's visit http://szczecin.naszemiasto.pl/artykul/zdjecia/sylwia-majdan-i-michal-szpak-odwiedzili-w-szpitalu-waleczne,4013586,artgal,24008948,t,id,tm,zid.html

Szpak at the gym – 10.02.2017

Yesterday's pics of Michał at the gym on "Pytanie na śniadanie" show can be watched in 3 parts here: => https://pytanienasniadanie.tvp.pl/2…/michal-szpak-na-silowni => https://pytanienasniadanie.tvp.pl/…/michal-szpak-ostro-tren… => https://pytanienasniadanie.tvp.pl/…/michal-szpak-na-silowni…
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