29 June 2016

Life Festival Oświęcim – 16.06.2016

Here are the links to Michał's performance of Ábba's songs during Life Festival Oświęcim enjoy! :-)  Thank you  Radio Oświęcim for the recordings  :-) "Money, Money, Money" https://www.facebook.com/RadioOswiecim/videos/2058217604402442/ "The Winner Takes It All" https://www.facebook.com/RadioOswiecim/videos/2058233901067479/ http://muzyka.interia.pl/raporty/raport-life-festival-oswiecim-2016/wiadomosci/news-life-festival-oswiecim-michal-szpak-i-abba,nId,2220811

A new radio song on the ZPAV list – 14.06.2016

We are very happy to inform you, that "Color Of Your Life" is on 2nd place on the official list of  ZPAV as a new radio song. http://bestsellery.zpav.pl/airplays/pozostale.php#nowosci. The link below shows the way the lists are created. http://bestsellery.zpav.pl/airplays/jakpowstaja.php

An interview with our Great Artist – 05.06.2016

One more music interview with our Great Artist of this year's Festival :-) https://youtu.be/usmDuT2sf0I The backstage interview regarding 53. KFPP and the Eurovision is also there on Pudelek: http://www.pudelek.tv/…/Szpak-o-Eurowizji-To-miala-byc-bal…/
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