Right after the victory – 11.03.2016

Michal’s victory in the National Pre-selections for the Eurovision caused quite a stir in the media. If the atmosphere of the rivalry of the domestic artists seemed intense in recent weeks for you, then it is time to realize that it was only an introduction to the marathon of experience on a greater scale. As we read in dekulturator.blogspot.com:

”If we could measure the emotions accompanying this year’s pre- selection for the  Eurovision Stockholm 2016, the music barometer would burst during the concert yesterday. (…) Meanwhile, Michał Szpak spread the wings of success (he deserved it) with his song “Color of your life” and in two months’ time he will be in the circle of  the euro-hate in Poland or euro-success in front of the eyes and in ears of over 200 million viewers.”


… well, there is only a SECOND option for us!  😀


The performance of  Szpak’s was judged in a friendly way by a music journalist of Onetu:

“Color of Your Life” is not a bad song at all. Maybe it is not as catchy as the song last year ‘’Jesteś bohaterem’’, which Michał Szpak won Opole with, but it is catchy. And at least no one can say that it is “non- Eurovision”. It has a pompous melodic line and a clever arrangement, where the piano and strings do not contradict a more modern beat. This is not interfered with by a rather banal text, and the unique voice of the vocalist and his characteristic appearance help. During the pre-selections he looked exactly the way he should look like on the stage. A red tailcoat, a black shirt, long loose hair. Plus his face, deep in thought,  and wide movements of his arms. The most important thing was that he could feel the microphone and the stage.

An hour after the performance the portal did an interview wywiad with Michał – in the background you can still hear loyal fans and their cheers of joy 😀 The vocalist admitted that the support of his fans is invaluable, and as a recipe for a further success he considers a consistent transmission of music with all his heart, just like he used to. Also talking with  TVP,  a portal Dekulturator, Eurowizja.org and Jastrzabpost Szpak did not hide his excitement. He thanked everyone  for the support and promised to take this great challenge, which is now ahead him:


Michał was also talking about him being compared to Conchita Wurst (The Austrian drag queen, who is Thomas Neuwirth, a winner of the Eurovision 2014):

There was also information about the new representative for the Eurovision in Teleexpress and Teleexpress Extra (06.03.2017)

Even Pudelek congratulated Michał on his success Pudelek – in a bit funny way, but still  🙂  Interia, however, did a wider report about the career of the Vocalist.

A portal  Eska noticed the involvement of our Fan Club (we would like to thank the author of the news for placing a link to our fan page in the article 🙂 ) and the mass mobilization of the Artist’s fans, who accompanied him also in the TVP studio during the eliminations. There is no doubt that each of us will remember this important day for a long time!

More and more portals tried to talk with our new representative. Here are the links:
Świat Się Kręci 7.03.2016 (from 13:05 and from 32:05 min),
Pytanie Na Śniadanie 12.03.2016 (Droga do sukcesu and Siostra i przyjaciele o Michale),
Radio Zet,
Pudelek (1. Pojedynek z Edytą Górniak, 2. “Polska Conchita”, 3. Polscy muzycy, 4. Wizerunek, 5. Piosenka na Eurowizję, 6. Dzieci w talent-show, 7. Eurowizja),


On the official channel of the Eurovision Song Contest on YouTube, there is an interview with Michał with English subtitles, we encourage you to share it with your foreign friends 😉 


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