31 December 2013

Szpak in a gallery- 20.12.2013

Unfortunately, due to Michał’s vocal indisposition, we could not hear  live a song “In Excess” during today’s vernissage of Krzysztof Ogonowski, that took place in Warsaw. It was possible, however,  to learn that it was created during the cooperation of…

Results of the competition – 17.12.2013

Our pre-Christmas competition ended at midnight.  Thank you for taking part in it.  homepage We already know the name of the lucky winner, who will receive the Spak – calendar. We hope that the calendar will make the New Year 2014…

Michał’s 23rd birthday :) 26.11.2013

On behalf of all fans, we would like to wish Michał all the best – inexhaustible energy  http://iupatdc5.org and passion while achieving next levels  generic viagra 100mg a lot of happiness and a lot of happy craziness, risk and fantasy on every single level!  😉

An unusual project – 24.11.2013

Immagine & Poesia (Obrazy i Poezja) is an important international artistic-literary movement founded in Alfa Teatro, in Turin, Italy, in 2007. On the website of the movement, there was published a piece of work of a honorary member of the…

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