24 July 2016

When is SpongeBob on TV? – 07.07.2016

  https://youtu.be/k0DjzXNgLkY When is SpongeBob on TV? ;-)  http://jastrzabpost.pl/…/michal-szpak-o-polskim-dubbingu-w-… Michał talks about him taking part in "SpongeBob Kanciastoporty" and about his future plans. You can listen and read below:  :-) http://warszawa.naszemiasto.pl/…/tylko-u-nas-michal-szpak-o… http://www.telemagazyn.pl/…/spongebob-kanciastoporty-michal… A definition of ''friendship'' according to Szpak? Watch...

Michał is going to perform during the festival “Na Fali” – 07.07.2016

Already on 15th August, Michał will perform during the festival "Na Fali" at the Amphitheatre in Koszalin. The event will be broadcasted by TVN :-) During the concert, we will be able to see Michał in a surprising duet   :-D   More information...

You are invited to take part in a music video – 07.07.2016

If you want to be there, in Michał's latest music video for a song "Rosanna", be sure to go to  concerts in Słubice / Łeba / Rewal! The adventure begins tomorrow, do not miss this memorable opportunity! :-) https://www.facebook.com/szpakmichal/photos/a.183535615032383.61887.181113758607902/1197345063651428/?type=3&theater
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