Stop No 2: Tel-Aviv – 13.04.2016

The beginning of another adventure abroad turned out to be an experience in itself, as it usually happens with Szpak 😉 “I overslept for my flight” – Michal confessed on Facebook, and the topic was eagerly picked up by Plejada. Our Representative, however, safely arrived at the destination, which was confirmed by the laughing photo from the airport in Israel.

The “Israel Calling” concert was scheduled for April 12 at 9pm, but the event started the night before when the participants walked down the red carpet to attend the opening gala. I cOh, what a night! Photos started to circulate very quickly, with Michał everywhere 😀 There were also group photos that capture this year’s Eurovision theme “Come Together”. As reported by Dziennik Eurowizyjny, rivalry aside, the is also time for a lot of fun and international acquaintances:

Due to the fact that the representatives are more or less the same age, they get along well with each other and take a lot of photos together. Michał Szpak is never far behind, also proving yesterday that he can have a good time in the company of his competitors.

Wiwibloggs and ESCKAZ representatives managed briefly to catch our mysterious Szpak dressed as Gary Oldman in “Dracula” 😀

The following day, a symbolic tree planting took place by all participants, a press conference and rehearsals. Thanks to photos such as these Let’s talk about ESC and Esckaz we can see how it all proceeded 🙂

There is also a video from the conference to watch; at 29:07 minutes, we can listen to the question addressed to Michał, and also see the presentation of gift from Poland to the hands of an Israeli representative. Szpak gave the host a commemorative coin with the image of Fryderyk Chopin.

Despite the day’s schedule being filled to the brim with attractions, Michał showed maximum mobilization and concentration to the very end to present himself perfectly during the musical part – after all, the most important part of the whole event. As we expected, our Artist continues to confirm his incredible talent and stage charisma from one concert to the next in front of the European audience. And it looks like it is not only us, the fans, who believe in him! 😉
“Did he do even better than in the Netherlands?” asks Plotek in the latest comments and promptly replies to the question:

Michał Szpak once again proved that he has a chance to take a very high spot in the Eurovision conest. Not only did the Pole present a great vocal form during his performance, but in addition he again delighted the audience, who repeatedly rewarded him with an enthusiastic ovation. In return, Szpak performed an encore by singing the chorus of his Eurovision song.

Eska gave an equally enthusiastic summary:

The Pole representing our country on the European arena used his opportunity perfectly. After the show ended, he got a huge applause, which gives us hope for the ultimate success. At the Eurovision Concert in Israel, Michał Szpak gave an amazing show of vocal skills. His performance was appreciated by the audience gathered in front of the stage. A total of 19 Eurovision artists performed in Israel, but it was the Polish representative who was one of the biggest stars of the evening.

It is also worth quoting the great comments from Good Evening Europe regarding the great evening: D

Best performance, period: Poland‘s Michal Szpak. What on EARTH did they put in that guy’s water? He’s absolutely fantastic! We now figure he is not only Poland’s Jack Sparrow, but also Poland’s Placido Domingo. What a great combination!

Here are the recordings from Michal’s performance dressed in his lucky red 🙂 Let us add that the part of the look in which the artist presented himself in sunny Tel Aviv was prepared, among others by Patryk Wojciechowski .

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