Michał Szpak has to make up his mind whether he wants to be a celebrity or a real artist. ‘’NaTemat’’ (To the point) – 13.03.2012

Michał Szpak was one of the most colourful participants of the first Polish edition of the show ‘’The X – Factor’’. He is an extremely controversial person considering the Polish reality. He released a mini-album that created very mixed emotions in the environment. He still keeps shocking us with his look and confessions. The media talk about him very often – not always in the context of his musical achievements. His controversial personality is his good and bad feature at the same time.

The second edition of ‘’The X- Factor’’, the TV talent show, has just started. According to the critics, such programmes are not able to generate real stars – artists who will be popular later on, not only when it comes to performing. Michał Szpak is at the beginning of his musical career and there is already a question – whether he is closer to becoming a celebrity or a singer?

Orange performance and the first album

When it comes to Szpak, there was definitely a lot going on since the first final of ‘’The X- Factor’’. He started it all with a sharp blow, a strictly artistic one. He performed during Orange Warsaw Festival last year with stars as Skunk Anansie or Moby.

At that time the young artist appeared on the festival stage for the time. He sang such hits as: “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns’n’Roses, “You Are Going to Me” by Lenny Kravitz and “Californication” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The show was a great success, although we have to note that people still remembered him from the TV – show and that he did not sing his songs at that time.

Szpak’s debut album “XI” appeared on the market at the end of last year. This was a mini – version because there were only five songs on it. This was a beginning of real emotions because the full disc is going to be released this year. The songs are new and in Polish.

There was a wave of criticism straight away and the most painful attack came from an unexpected side. Kuba Wojewódzki who had supported Szpak during ‘’The X – Factor’’ and used to say that he would be very successful changed his opinion immediately after hearing the first single from the album “XI” – “Po niebo”.

– Michał was supposed to be a national version of Prince, unfortunately, so far he turned out to be a chamberlain – wrote Kuba in “Polityka” newspaper.
He is very popular in the media. A celebrity?

Apart from releasing his album Szpak gave several smaller concerts. Most often, however, he appeared in the media as a celebrity. He took part in one of the editions of “Strictly come dancing”, and a programme “Uwaga” where he talked about tolerance. We were also able to see him on the cover of ‘’MaleMen’’ magazine.

Szpak is in his element at the moment. In the picture, he has a provocative look, he shows his belly, and has a controversial outfit. He has a personality that is perfect for the role of a celebrity. And the questions is – whether he would like to do something more? And if so, will the media allow him do it? For the time being, he sells his latest product called “Michał Szpak” in the context of controversy and an unusual behaviour. There is also another question – whether his music will be able to beat his personality. Even if he creates some kind of a masterpiece.

According to a sociologist Maciej Mrozowski, Szpak fits in the show business perfectly well. Such people as him are called multi-tasking artists. They subconsciously feel that they have no chance for a success in one field and do all they can in order to appear in the media. This boy starts resembling a celebrity – we do not know, however, whether he is aware of it yet – says Mrozowski.

Szpak risks a lot. For the time being, obviously, he has not done much when it comes to music. Therefore, he tries to promote himself in many different ways. He is mainly known because of his appearance, not music. If he wants to change it in future, it is not certain whether even his best songs will be able to help him.

What is his career going to be like in future?

I think that, nowadays, his physiognomy, his behaviour, and his whole personality are his biggest strengths. What is more, he is very talented. However, it is important not to make use of the cheap tricks of the show business – points out Elżbieta Zapendowska who is a jury of ‘’Idol’’ and a music critic.

She suggests the way Szpak could become successful. – If he manages to get songs that would be able to express his personality, that would talk about his unique character features – it may work. In Poland, however, it is difficult to find a composer who would be able to undertake such a challenge. Szpak has already got one great feature – his unique nature. He now needs songs that would be suitable for him. Then he can score the success even in our country, where it is not easy for such controversial people to break through, says Zapendowska.

Mrozowski, a sociologist, predicts what a career of the young artists may look like in future. He has two choices. The first one is hard work, recording a few albums, and he will be recognised as an artist. However, at the moment, he is more a person of a scandal. It is not surprising that he was noticed in such a programme as ‘’The X – Factor’’. Such TV shows attract weirdoes, they are shows for ordinary, folk people . What is important, is to attract people to sit in front of the TV sets and keep on watching. The more controversial performers the better – explains the media specialist.

– Szpak may remain a person breaking up the schemes, but I am afraid, that it will be difficult for him to have a real musical career – adds Mrozowski.

Zapendowska is able to see a slightly better future for the young singer. When it comes to a case of Palikot, everyone was laughing at him, even serious journalists, and he still managed to be successful. He prepared a path for such people as Szpak, controversial ones. He proved that in our country such people can also be successful – says Zapendowska.

What is your opinion when it comes to Szpak’s future career?

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