I am as free as a bird. ‘’Lubuska’’ newspaper – 05.05.2012

With the way he looks, he creates extreme emotions among people, and he feels great that way. He loves the stage and parties because he can get rid of the stress. Michał Szpak, the finalist of the first edition of ‘’The X-Factor’’, has recently performed in Gorzów. After the concert he was giving autographs to his fans for an hour. What is he like privately? A for Adrenaline. I have a high level of adrenaline before each concert. It is a similar level of adrenaline every time. I have a higher lever of adrenaline when I perform for a smaller audience, I would say. People are my way to deal with stress. The environment. The interactions. People being nice to me. Whenever I see that the audience is happy with what I do I feel a great satisfaction as well as the adrenaline.

B for jewellery (biżuteria). I can not do without it. I wear jewellery on my hands, legs, my neck and fingers. Apart from it being a visual aspect, I also treat it as a talisman, especially necklaces. My favourite number is XI, hence the title of my debut album. This number brings me luck.

C for an eye – candy (ciacho) I associate it with something delicious or with an attractive woman. Whether I am an eye – candy? You would have to ask my fans.

D for a day (doba). This is what my day looks like: I sleep till noon. I go to bed very late, around 2:00 am or 3:00 am. In the evenings, I usually work, I study or read books.

E for emotions. It is very important. Everybody deals with emotions and it is all different depending on a person. I do my best to use my music to create emotions because it is the greatest thing to be able to see emotions on the faces in your audience.

F for fans. I am very grateful to my fans. They are my support which I feel everywhere I go. I do my best to be in touch with them all the time, via my Facebook profile, my fan page or my website. I do not really feel the negative aspects of being popular. There was a case once, when one of my fans moved in to the block – of – flats where I used to live. She used to leave letters under my door every single day. It was a bit awkward for me, however it was just one exceptional case.

G for voice (głos). This is an invaluable gift and I try to make best use of it. I look after it and I constantly develop my vocal skills because thanks to them I am able to express myself.

H for sense of humour (humor). They say that ‘’laughter is health’’ and it is the only medicine I regularly and consistently use. I love spending time with friends and with fans who give me a lot of reasons to be in good mood.

I for party (impreza). I like to go crazy on the dance floor, however I prefer doing it when I am with my closest friends rather than during some events when I am in the spotlight. I realise that taking part in such events is a part of my job but I try to select the events carefully.

J for food (jedzenie). I try to look after my body in order not to have issues on the stage when I go crazy during the concerts. My greatest passion is chocolate, which I can not resist.

K for feminine nature (kobieca natura). Am I a bit like a woman? I think that there is a tiny element of Venus inside me. What do I have in common with women? Well, definitely my hair.

K for a beautician (kosmetyczka). It is just some gossip that I go to the beautician. I have never been there. There was a time when I had some feathers attached to my eyelashes but I did not visit any beautician to have it done. I also do my make – up myself and I have no problems when it comes that.

L for Lady Gaga. I admire this artist, her accomplishments and what she has done for the development of music. However, I prefer to avoid any comparisons of our local artists to the music stars from the other side of the ocean. Everyone is unique when it comes to the way they work and everyone adds a part of their personality to what he or she creates.

Ł for tears (łzy). I associate tears with catharsis. Do I often cry? It does happen to me, however I am not a ‘’crybaby’’. There are many different ways to express your sensitivity, regardless of gender, and it is very individual and personal.

N for hope (nadzieja). ‘’Hope dies last’’. We need to have hope, in my opinion, when we go through a difficult time in our life. Then it gives us strength and helps us.

O for a weirdo (odmieniec). I do not consider myself to be a weirdo. I am a person who does not use this word at all because I appreciate people who are themselves. Only then people are sincere and real.

P for an album (płyta). I released my debut album called “XI” last year, in December. I am currently working on a ‘’long-running’’ album and I am trying to do all I can to release it this year. I do not want to disclose any date because the whole process is complicated and there are always some changes needed. I want every single detail of my album to be perfect.

R for revolution. This is the title of one of my songs, for which a video has recently been made. There is a message in the song that people do not focus on themselves but on many other different things. They neglect developing their personality. Therefore, I want a revolution in order to make people change themselves and become better.

S for a dream (sen). This is something very nice and important. It regenerates us. I am a dreamer that is why my dreams are as abstract as my imagination. I generally like sleeping. I try to sleep at least ten hours every day.

T for fake nails (tipsy). I do not use them at all. I have my natural nails and I look after them. They are a very important aspect of my image. I also like experimenting with different nail polish.

U for clothes (ubiór). The way I dress is a priority for me. I try to make my image compatible with my voice. My clothes reflect the emotions I want to convey. The clothes I wear are designer clothes. I also design some outfits myself. I sometimes bring clothes from abroad. I also go to second hand shops where you can find wonderful unique outfits.

W for freedom (wolność). I believe that every human- being should be free as a person. You can not be afraid to have your own opinion. No one should be worried what other people say because it is our life and it is us who can have an influence on everything that concerns us. I feel as free as a bird. I think that we need to mention this subject very often because, unfortunately, in Poland, we are still very backward when it comes to this topic.

X for ‘’The X –Factor’’. In my opinion, the participants in this edition of ‘’The X- Factor’’ represent a very high level. What has ‘’The X- Factor’’ changed in my life? The programme has helped me to spread my wings it opened for me a path to make my dreams come true. Thanks to it, I gained some experience and I have matured a bit. It was a wonderful period in my life. It was a big challenge but it was worth to take the risk.

Ż for wife (żona).’’I will find you one day’’.

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