A chat with Michał Szpak- DD TVN – 09.10.2011


~daga: ~daga: Do you know the exact date of the release of your album?
Michał Szpak: No, I don’t know yet, but I think that it will be in November

~thewiz: Were you surprised, in any way, with some of the mechanism ruling the world of the show – business?
Michał Szpak: Generally speaking, the world of show – business is very difficult to understand, although it becomes predictable at some point. Whether I was surprised? Not really…

~AdaaK: Hi Michał! I Wonder what does your ordinary day look like after ‘’The X- Factor’’ revolution?
Michał Szpak: There is nothing like ‘’a day for myself’’ any more, to be honest. I am on the road all the time, I am practising for ‘’Strictly Come Dancing’’ and I work in the music studio. My day lasts million hours.

~paulina9748: How do you feel with so many devoted fans around you who love you?
Michał Szpak: It is a great honour to have such a large and dedicated group of fans. I am very glad that you are with me and I have never expected that something like that will happened to me.

~marysia: Do you design your outfits yourself?
Michał Szpak: Most of the clothes that you see me wearing everyday are my own ideas, but when it comes to ‘’Strictly Come Dancing’’ the outfits are designed by my stylist plus my own inventions.

~michal0009: What is your new album going to be like?
Michał Szpak: When it comes to my album it will be a material with a stronger, nostalgic sound.
~Claudii: What is your biggest addiction apart from music?
Michał Szpak: My biggest addiction apart from music are sweets and travelling.
~AdaaK: Were you not frightened by your sudden, overnight, popularity? Was there a moment of doubt when you wanted to get out of it?
Michał SzpakMichał Szpak: Sensitive, courageous, positive.

~smallville: Which programme did you feel more comfortable in –‘’The X- Factor’’ or “Dancing with the Stars’’?
Michał Szpak: I definitely feel much better in ‘’The X- Factor’’ because there is a room for freedom there and I can show 100 % percent myself. Although there is a lot of fun on the dance floor of ‘’Strictly Come Dancing’’, it is definitely more difficult and requires a lot of work in my case.

~kama230: Hi Michał! Your motto for today is… 
Michał Szpak: Carpe diem – this is the motto of my life.

~Nastka13: You look great! Where do you usually do your shopping.? 😉
Michał Szpak: I buy most of my clothes in second – hand shops or I re-design my clothes myself.
~smallville: What kind of dance are you going to do in today’s episode?
Michał Szpak: I am going to dance a hot salsa 🙂

~Maggie: Michał who did you want to be when you were a young kid? Did you always want to be a musician, or did you have any other plans? 😉
Michał Szpak: At the very beginning, my plan for life was medicine. I was mostly fascinated by forensic medicine.

~kasia51734: Are you stressed before the concerts?
Michał Szpak: I get stressed before every single performance, whether it is an entrance to a dance floor or a music stage. It all gives me the same amount of adrenaline.

~karolina000007: Do you practice a lot for ‘’ Dancing with the Stars?
Michał Szpak: It takes up half of my time, to be honest.

~bezlitosnacharlie: Does Ivona Pavlović annoy you?
Michał Szpak: Her behaviour irritates me a bit, to be honest. From what I see, she wants to make other people believe that what I do is not good, and with her words of criticism, she tries to convince people that I do not deserve to be in this program. She is not able to see that I put in a lot of work and energy in all that, what, in my opinion, is the most important in dancing – the heart. Unfortunately, her tough verdicts are sometimes demoting, not only for me but also for my partner.

~CrazyGirl: When are you planning to leave the country?
Michał Szpak: When it comes to me leaving the country, I am definitely not going to do it in the nearest future because my first goal is to release an album in Poland and tour in my country.

~coal: Are you going to take holiday at some point?
Michał Szpak: The funniest thing is, that I really want to rest from the rush and the emotions, but I cannot, so I will do it only when I can.
~Alicja373: What do you think of gossip, of the type of gossip that is not true?
Michał Szpak: During the last month, I have noticed that the gossip portals started to do ‘’a black PR’’ when it comes to me, and the funniest thing is that none of the articles that have appeared in the last few weeks contained the truth. It was all twisted and was not good for me. I believe that the truth will always defend itself 🙂
~Zuzka98: What do you think of Janusz Józefowicz?
Michał Szpak: He is a good judge, and I do not say that because he gives me good scores. I judge his work in a completely different way. He looks for emotions in every single dance. He has created a lot of great things and he knows what he talks about. Ha cannot be fooled, and this is most important. ‘’Strictly Come Dancing’’ should be a TV show with a lot of happiness and not a ‘’rat race’’ without emotions and passion.

~madzik1128: Are you worried when you read the articles in the press about you?
Michał Szpak: >: What I read in the public press does not bother me much, although sometimes it is annoying that the media can twist the truth. What hurt me most, was an article in one of the gossip portals saying that I am not good to my fans while I really devote a huge part of my free time to them.Najbardziej zabolało mnie , że jeden z portali plotkarskich napisał , że źle traktuje swoich fanów – a tak naprawdę poświęcam im ogromną część swojego , wolnego czasu

~olciadg: Are you getting on well with Paulina Biernat?
Michał Szpak: She is a wonderful person, a very sensitive one and crazy like me. Their idea to match us for this program was very successful.

~koon: Czy masz czas na prywatne życie?
Michał Szpak: I think, I have around two hours per day for my private life. Otherwise you can see me on the air on TV during broadcasts like the one today and so on.

~Malinka1232: Do you like dancing?
Michał Szpak: Dancing is part of music, that is why it makes me very happy and it often allows me to get rid of negative emotions.

~kasia51734: What are you most afraid of?
Michał Szpak: That I will be seen as a celebrity instead of an artist. What I want is to become an artist and I hope that my debut album will fulfil my desire to be an artist.

~Nastka13: What character feature do you find most annoying when it comes to other people?
Michał Szpak: Jealousy.

~Jola: What gave you the greatest strength to fight in difficult times while you were at school? Warm greetings 😉
Michał SzpakMichał Szpak: Of course it does, it belongs to my greatest love which is music (^)>
~Doniusia: Michał you have good nails, are they fake nails or they are natural ?;)
Michał Szpak: They are natural, of course 🙂

~paulina9748: What is your favourite dish? ;D
Michał Szpak: It’s not about favourite dish, I like the way my dad cooks:*

~lovemiszel: Are you free?
Michał Szpak: Yes, I am as free as a bird!
~Yssa1992: What would you advise people who doubt their own dreams?
Michał SzpakMichał Szpak: It’s old friendships that are most precious because when you are popular, people start being interested in you and you have no idea why they are interested in you. That is why the old friends that I had made before, are most valuable.

~HempGru: What do you do when people ask you how it all started?
Michał Szpak: My lovely, I have to finish the chat for today, thank you for being there for me, and I hope that we will see each other soon. Remember, it’s important to believe in your dreams and consistently pursue them. Do not give up! Regards Michał (^)>

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