Concert in Czeladź – 03.05.2012

Michał’s performance with his band culminated the cultural program celebrating the Days of Czeladź. On the 3rd of May, 2013, the young artist attracted a surprising large crowd of fans at Prochownia Park and gave a truly thrilling, rock’n’roll concert.
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We are pleased to bring you a review form that hot, May evening.

To begin with, I can honestly say that Michał’s concert in Czeladź was one of the best – if not the best I have ever attended.

A few hours before Michał was due to come on stage, the hardcore fans who came to Czeladź from all over Poland, including places such as Warsaw, Łódź, Gdańsk or Cracow, were already gathering in front of the stage. Every mention of Szpak by the organisers at the Prochownia Park, was rewarded with loud applause and cheers. Although the weather was uncertain, and the sky was overcast, the park was filled with people who were curious to see the star of the X-Factor. As the hour approached, the crowd grew more and more.
Shortly after 8pm a familiar concert announcement could be heard; now even more special as it included information about the EP, following which, one by one, the members of the band appeared on stage starting the show with their instrumental intro. Only then did the star of the evening emerge from the smoke. That evening, Michał wore black leggings, a long sleeve shirt with fringe, a collar with sparkling feathers and platform boots.
Michał sang four songs from his XI EP during the concert (“Po niebo” was missing) with new, rock interpretations, a few songs from his time with Whiplash (“Carpe diem”, “Time-consuming”, “Colorful Grayscale” and a previously unknown song called “Jak przez życie” as well as a few covers: Lenny Kravitz “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, Scorpions’ “Hurricane”, Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” as well as previously performed Guns ‘n Roses “Sweet Child o’ Mine”. The concert could not be without the timeless “Strange is this World”
The concert was an explosive blend of great music and Michał ‘s extraordinary energy. The audience, especially the fans in the first rows, enjoyed themselves immensely. Michał’s cheerful lyrics directed at the audience, energetic choreography, jumping on speakers, coming down to the fans, rolling around the stage and even climbing the scaffolding, which in platform boots, was not an easy task. The show was a feast for both ears and eyes. The interesting effect was the use of two microphones by Michał, which caused his voice to resound in different tones and took on interesting effects, especially during the performance of “Sensual”.
You could sense the sincere interaction between the band members. Michał introduced Kamil, Mariusz, Maciek and Leszek to the audience which in turn introduced themselves with short solos. There seemed to be special “chemistry” between Michał and Kamil, which the singer joked about saying they always have the same serious face but are working on it and the subtle effects can already be seen.
All good things must come to an end, including the concert in Czeladź but Michał did not leave his fans without a special treat and after loud calls he appeared back on stage. Although the term ‘appeared’ is probably not the best term to describe it because he was…carried by the band members up to the microphone. For an encore, he performed “Venus” and “Sensual” and after the concert there was autograph signing, of course.
I rate this concert very positively. There was power, energy, rock nails and the fans’ madness which seemed to wind Michał up and was captured by him on a mobile phone from the stage. A warm, spring evening, fantastic music, crazy audience, colourful lights sweeping the stage, what more could you ask for?
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