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– The next season of “X Factor” is approaching, as an old hand, what advice would you give the unseasoned contestants?
I am definitely not an old hand, I still learn a lot, every day I gather new experiences that show me how much more I have to do … And when it comes to any advice, the most important thing is to be yourself, do not pretend to be someone who you’re not; every man is unique. The audience cannot be deceived, and I believe that “truth” has the best chance of winning.

– – If you could turn back time, would you take part in the X Factor again?
The show opened up huge opportunities for me: I signed a contract with the largest record label in Poland, recorded in a professional studio with well-known musicians, performed on the biggest stages in Poland, at festivals alongside such stars as: Kayah, Maryla Rodowicz, Katarzyna Nosowska. I’ve met many interesting people and gained new friends.
During the show, I received huge support from the judges, in particular my mentor Kuba Wojewódzki. We went our separate ways after the show, but recently we met by chance and told me that he was waiting with great interest for my album. I hope that I will surprise him positively. 🙂 During the show I met many valuable people with whom I keep in touch today.

– But popularity can also be a burden. Tell me honestly, can you walk down the street unnoticed?
It’s not that bad. 😉 Recognition never bothered me. I have always been aware that this is part of an artist’s profession. I really like this kind of contact with people, they give me great strength and faith in the meaning of what I do.

– – And changing the subject, tell me about your career plans for the immediate future.
This year, I plan to release an album, which I am currently working on and hope to have the first single in the spring. I hope that I will be able to go on a club concert tour because there is a special contact with the audience at such concerts.

– – To finish up, tell me what Michał Szpak dreams about (I am asking about professional life ;-))?
I would like my album to please my fans who have been waiting for it so patently and are always with me, for which I am very grateful to them. I would like this record to be my showcase, because the first record is always the most important for an artist. I would like to still sing songs from this album in concerts in 40 years, so that they are always up-to-date. I believe that I am working on such a record.
And my biggest dream is to be a fulfilled artist.

Author: Magdalena Szepietowska / Source: TVN

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