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No one has expected that from Michał Szpak. Wearing controversial clothes and behaving in a controversial way 20-year-old boy from Jasło astonished a jury during a casting for a new talent-show “The X-Factor”. With his performance of a song ” Dziwny jest ten świat ” by Czeslaw Niemen he knocked the huse down.

The first Polish edition of “The X-Factor” will start in March. Talented musicians will be able to appear on the Polish stage thanks to this programme. On the Internet we can already see the first official announcements of the show and first amateur recordings of the castings. Among them, there is an amazing performance of a very unique Michał.

As soon as the audience saw the vocalist they started to be very unfriendly towards the phenomenal boy. Kuba Wojewódzki decided to defend him and asked the audience to respect the person on the stage and give him a chance to present himself, regardless of his image. Maja Sablewska stated however, that the performer should take off ‘’the unnecessary female jewellery’’ that apparently was not to her taste.
Michał did not disappoint Kuba. He sang the song by Czesław Niemen and proved that a stage was his home. The jury could not believe what they heard, and they were amazed with the way the boy expressed his emotions on the stage.
– Michał, it’s hard to fool me, I’m a man, I do not know if I have a good knowledge when it comes to music, but I know a lot about emotions. I have a few thousand of CDs at home and I am missing just one. Do you know which one? Yours! – commented Wojewódzki.
Privately, Michał sings with his band Whiplash. A You Tube video with his performance from the casting has already been seen by over 100,000 Internet users. In the comments under the recording you can find many positive words regarding the talent of Szpak, however there is also some criticism.
Do you think that Michał is going to win the show?

Michał has shared his fresh observations, related to his performance few days ago and the reactions on the Internet, with Przemysław Janas who is a reporter of a portal ’’ Jaslonet’’.
Przemysław Janas: Why did you choose a song from a repertoire of Czesław Niemen?
Michał Szpak: I’ve chosen the song from the repertoire of Czesław Niemen because I had already known how to sing it. What is more, the song is a challenge for every vocalist what gives adrenaline while you wait for the opinion of others.
What did the preparations for the casting for the new TVN program look like, the programme that is going to start already on 6th March?

M.Sz: When it comes to my preparations for the show, I was mainly focused on what I was going to wear than on what I was going to sing because I had already practised the song ” Dziwny jest ten Świat”. I also focused on finding an instrumental version of this song and on other details related to a visual aspect.

How does it feel, when your performance is watched by the whole country, and not only by your home town or friends?
M.Sz: I did not notice any difference. There are people living everywhere, after all, so whether they watch me in Jasło or in other larger cities it does not make a big difference to me.

How do you interpret the comments regarding your style?
M.Sz: I’ve stopped worrying about what people write in their comments long time ago. I’ve been creating my image since a few years.

Within a few hours after the material from the casting was published, you were on top of the largest Internet portals, do you feel like a star?
M.Sz: No, I definitely do not feel like a star. A few portals are not able to make you a star, I can only feel honoured, but I certainly do not feel like a star.

During the casting, one of the jury said that he wanted only one more CD to complete his music collection – your CD. How would you like to comment on these words?
M.Sz: What Kuba Wojewódzki said was something special, I think. When I record my album, I will hand it to him personally.

Is taking part in the casting for ‘’The X- Factor’’ your debut?
M.Sz: Taking part in the new TVN program is my first musical show. I have been waiting for something like that in our country, because I did not want to compete with people from a circus or with little girls who want to win because they want to buy a new house. I could also say that my parents could not afford a new house and ask to help me realize their dreams … It’s obvious … I do not want to be someone who wins out of mercy, but I just want to fulfil myself.

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