Michał Szpak in a hospice in Łódź

Michał Szpak in a hospice in Łódź
Michał Szpak in the hospice in Łódź

Dear All!

On 27th October 2018, Michał Szpak visited the hospice in Łódź for the children from Łupków. This meeting was organized by our OFC MS Association. We know that the children had been waiting for the visit and they enjoyed it very much. It was an extraordinary time of touching meetings. The children in the hospice and the volunteers who work there received Michał’s CDs as well as the mascots of our fan club, mugs and photographs autographed by the Artist to commemorate this meeting. The joyful atmosphere was completed by Michał singing a song ” Jesteś bohaterem “. We believe that Michał and you with your good hearts gave a moment of joy and put a smile on the faces of the children in the hospice.

Special thanks go to Jolanta Rutkowska and Natalia Rutkowska for their ideas, work and time devoted to organising this visit.   

A report from the visit and photos – Jolanta Rutkowska


A word hospice has always seemed a grim, quiet, sorrowful place for me… I was very surprised when I visited the hospice in Łódź on Łupkowa street … A colorful, modern building, lovely, brand new rooms equipped with attention to every detail, stuffed animals, books on the windowsills, beautiful photo wallpapers with fabulous views and smiling from ear to ear staff – a group of amazing people with a huge passion and energy who want to do everything in their power to convey to the ill children joy and positive emotions Last Saturday, Michał  was such a spark of joy for the patients of the hospice  🙂 awaited for, dreamed of … or maybe not really dreamed of haha   as apparently there were some children who were not able to sleep because they were too excited waiting for the visit    That day Michał was full of exceptional energy and passed it on to everyone with a smile, even to the adults (who he visited while visiting children)  There was a very pleasant atmosphere during the meeting, accompanied with delicate sounds of the guitar… There was a conversation with Michał, he talked about himself and his impressions related to his participation in the play ” Bal u naczelnika “, there were competitions for kids with many awards (the fan club sheep, mugs , albums ” Byle być sobą “). After the competitions, there was some time for individual conversations with the kids from the hospice … I tried not to listen to these conversations, but because it was my duty to take some photos, I accidentally overheard some sentences and I am still very impressed … A huge empathy of Michał, delicacy, sensitivity and the easy- going way of talking, even with the little ones, was really touching … school, books, songs, hobbies … there were many topics, and Malwinka sang an entire song “Jagódki”  I will add that she was holding his hand and looking deep into his eyes, very deep hahaha …    The children received presents prepared by our Associacion OFC MS, thanks to the great hearts of many of you, – such as: albums “Dreamer”, albums “Byle być sobą “, audiobooks with fairy tales for children and the fan club teddy bears. The young volunteers received “Dreamer” CDs. Michał also got a lot of beautiful gifts from the children … drawings, and even a rag – doll imitating him.   They also sang a song “Jesteś bohaterem” together, which was probably the best way to reflect the nature of this meeting … they are all heroes … children, parents, people looking after this hospice … all of them together and each of them individually are great heroes in their everyday life     Us, the fans, and our wonderful Artist can also feel like a hero, because we have also had a small contribution to the fact that for these kids, for a little while, there appeared a joyful rainbow on their grey sky of everyday life. 

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