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Everyone talks about Michal Szpak’s new album “Dreamer”.  The album deservedly receives great reviews. This time from  “Koncertomania”


When he appeared on the X Factor show 7 years ago, he aroused many emotions which were far from indifference. Some thought he was born to be a star and hope for Polish music, others mocked, treating him like a one hit wonder. Meanwhile, Michał Szpak, with consistency, stubbornness and a good dose of self-confidence, dressed in feathers and bling, has settled in comfortably on the music market and there is no indication that anything will move him from there. And certainly not his latest album “Dreamer”.

The second, entirely in English album starts with the title track “Dreamer (Thanks To You My Friends).” Starting off like a ballad, it slowly develops, gathering momentum and exploding in the refrain with energy and splendor. The work is so characteristic of the artist’s aesthetics that it could successfully constitute his musical signature.

If you like avant-garde style combinations – “King of The Season” is for you. Prefer blues and electronics? Why not! The melancholic character of this song prepares us for “Blue Moon” – an emotional, trip hop song, tinted with a positive tone, is very pleasant to listen to. Michał himself admitted that this is his favorite song from the new album.

Subsequent songs provide us with a wealth of sounds and genres, mainly oscillating around rock, pop and electronics. Sharp and dark “Don’t Poison Your Heart”, then “Rainbow” – a sweet, soft ballad, showcasing Szpak’s vocals. “Sweet Cherry” on the other hand, turns more towards folk and pop, broken by an expressive chorus. Next the record leads us to “Let Me Dream”, a charming lullaby in the rhythm of the waltz. During “Stronger”, we remain in a reflective atmosphere. Trip hop connected with the trumpet? Who would have expected it to work so well! The tenth track is pop rock, experimental “Way to The Stars”. The song is an excellent summary of the sounds appearing on the album.

“Dreamer” is a stylistically consistent album, but not boring. It differs from the debut “Byle Byc Soba”; you can hear the maturity and certainty of the musical path chosen by the artist. He does not pretend to be anything but unforced and natural. As if using it, Michał Szpak wanted to say, “Here I am. This is my sound. Start getting used to it, because it will stay here for a long time!”


Track list:

Standard edition


  • 1. Dreamer (Thanks To You My Friends)00:03:12
  • 2. King Of The Season00:03:18
  • 3. Blue Moon00:04:42
  • 4. Don’t Poison Your Heart00:03:04
  • 5. Rainbow00:03:08
  • 6. Sweet Cherry00:03:17
  • 7. Let Me Dream00:05:48
  • 8. Stronger00:03:52
  • 9. Way To The Stars00:03:36
  • 10. Dreamer (Thanks To You My Friends) (Special Version)00:02:55

Special edition

  1. 1. Don’t Poison Your Heart
  2. 2. King Of The Season
  3. 3. Dreamer (Thanks To You My Friends)
  4. 4. Rainbow
  5. 5. Sweet Cherry
  6. 6. Let Me Dream
  7. 7. Stronger
  8. 8. Way To The Stars
  9. 9. Blue Moon
  10. 10. Ostatni zakręt (Concert Version)
  11. 11. Real Hero (Concert Version)
  12. 12. Byle Być Sobą (Concert Version)
  13. 13. Color Of Your Life (Concert Version)
  14. 14. Upaść Ale Wstac (Concert Version)
  15. 15. Rosanna (Concert Version)
  16. 16. Together (Instrumental Version)

author: Julia Łączyńska /


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