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Michał Szpak was a guest of Maria Szabłowska in a program “Muzyczna Jedynka” of the Polish Radio.pl.

Michał Szpak has a dream to make a career abroad. He admits that the breakthrough for him was the Eurovision Song Contest. At that time he gained fans abroad, who come to his concerts to Poland.

– I am proud that I have such recipients – says the artist. His latest single “King of the Season” has over 1.6 million views on the Internet. The song “King of the Season” is the second single that promotes the latest album of the artist. The album was released in September.

The singer talks about his latest tour, which ended up in Chicago and which was a great success because there were five concerts planned and the number increased to 25. The new tour begins on 13th October at the Philharmonic in Bydgoszcz. Then he will perform in the largest Polish cities. For details, the vocalist advises us to go to his Facebook page.

All songs on the album are in English. – If there was a song written in Polish it would have spoilt the magic which is there on this album – he explains. All the songs were originally written in English. He ensures that the album “Dreamer” shows him in a new version.

What language is his next album going to be in? Does he like Polish songs? Listen to the recording of the conversation during which you can listen to two songs – the one already mentioned “King of the Season” and “Rainbow”.

You have can listen to the whole interview with Michał here:  https://www.polskieradio.pl/7/160/Artykul/2189837,Michal-Szpak-z-marzeniami-o-dobrej-przyszlosci


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