“Top Of The Top” Sopot 2018 – the performance

“Top Of The Top” Sopot 2018 Festival- day one is now behind us. It was the most awaited, fantastic and exciting performance of Sopot TOP of The TOP Festival 2018! Michał performed his big hit “Color Of Your Life” and the newest single “King of The Season”, working his magic with his vocals and stage movement. The whole performance was complemented by a costume tailored to the festival’s climate and songs. Once again Michał proved that he is in his element on  a big stage. 

Of course the OFC representatives were also present in the audience.  🙂 

Follow this link to watch day one performances including both songs by Michał  🙂 


On August 14  the Sopot Top of the Top 2018 Festival began at The Forest Opera. During the  Forever Young conert, the greatest hits of Polish and foreign artists were heard, and when the dance hits stopped, Lady Pank band celebrated their 35th anniversary. There was also a tribute to the recently deceased  Kora. The second part of the evening began with  James Arthur, opening the  #iLove concert. The British artist put on a real show, but was no match for Michał Szpak.

The fans had been waiting all evening to see the look. As usual, Michał did not disappoint.  He appeared on stage in a shiny coat, but  quickly took it off, showing his creation in all its splendor. That evening he decided on a mint coloured, latex suit with wide legs. Unzipped almost down to the waist revealing his bare chest and necklace. Sexy Szpak looked just as appetizing as a mint gummy bear.

He complemented his look with some bling and his trademark dark curls, which is the envy of many girls. During the #iLove concert, her performed his biggest hits and the audience went crazy. JastrząbPost

The first day of ‘’Top of the Top’’ Sopot Festival 2018 is over. On the stage, there presented themselves: Lady Pank, Urszula, Kasia Kowalska, Maciej Maleńczuk, Tomasz Organek, IRA, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Margaret and Sarsa. But it is not them who are going to be remembered. The undoubted star of the evening was Michał Szpak, who made it impossible to take our eyes off him. It was all because of his, to put it mildly, quite original stylization.

It’s not a secret that Michał Szpak loves extravagance. And although we got used to his taste, during the #iLove concert in Sopot, he surprised us as never before. When he stepped onto the stage wearing a shiny, long, reaching the ground jacket, there was nothing indicating that he would make a real show in a while.

It took just a moment for Szpak to take his coat off and present himself to the audience in his full glory. And there was a lot to look at. That evening he decided to perform in a pepper mint -colour latex coverall. In addition to that, although almost completely invisible, were white sport shoes with tall soles.

As if this was not enough to make us impressed, Szpak unbuttoned the suit almost to the navel. In that way, the audience in Opera Leśna and the spectators gathered in front of their TV sets, could see the vocalist’s well-built up chest.

You can see that Michał Szpak is satisfied with the way he looks and does not have any complexes. He proudly presented his body to the audience.

Looking at Szpak’s styling, there was probably hardly anyone who was focused on what he was singing. But was it important? After all, the Sopot festival is just for fun. And that evening there was a lot of fun. WP Teleshow

Top of The Top Sopot Festival 2018 has started featuring Michał Szpak on its first day. The vocalist again proved that he is the most colorful bird in Polish show business. See photos. Plejada 




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