“Blind auditions” – The Voice of Poland Season 9


The blind auditions  are now behind us.  . We’re keeping our fingers crossed for all participants, but we believe that the winner of season 9 of The Voice of Poland is amongst Michal’s team. The show will start on TVP2 in September. 

A large group of our fan family had the opportunity  to participate   in the show’s recording at the ATM studio in Warsaw  giving  strong support to Michal during difficult decisions. As for Szpak’s fans, we were well organised and positively crazy. We were the largest fan group which could be seen and heard  🙂 

There was a lot going on…read the account by Edyta Gd  🙂 



“SZPAK OUR STALLION” – where did that come from ??? Watch the 9th season of The Voice Poland  😎




At the press conference announcing the new season of the musical spectacle, we met all four, who for the first time got together for group photos and gave a series of interviews. Although everyone did their best to attract attention, Michał Szpak shone the brightest.

The vocalist did not disappoint his female fans and appeared in a great, avant-garde style. This time Szpak chose magenta.His long coat and wide pants beautifully contrasted with tanned and athletic body. Michał increasingly reveals his torso, which he sculpts at the gym for hours. The effects are amazing, especially when combined with delicate jewellery.

It wouldn’t be Szpak without accentuating his rock star look, this time by wearing heavy boots.

The author of the hit “King of the Season” outshone the elegant Cugowski, sporty Hyży and Markowska’s hippy look.


On September 1 at 8:05pm, TVP2 viewers will watch the premiere episode of the Voice of Poland season 9. A new coaching team will appear on the hit TV show. This time, Patrycja Markowska, Grzegorz Hyży, Piotr Cugowski and Michał Szpak will be searching for the best voice in Poland. Will they surprise us and how will they manage in their new roles?

In the 4th coaching chair, we will again see Michał Szpak, who found himself in the new role a year ago. The coach who debuted at the time was doing very well on the show, and his protégé Marta Gałuszewska spectacularly won the 8th season of the musical talent show. How will Grzegorz Hyży, Patrycja Markowska, Piotr Cugowski and Michał Szpak compete for their participants, what energy will they exude and how will they convince young artists to join their teams? TVP2 viewers will find out about this on September 1 at 8:05pm.



Click the image. Watch the video. Pytanie Na Śniadanie.


The first episode of The Voice of Poland will start on September 9. This time the coachers’ team has changed 75%. The famous red chairs will be occupied by Grzegorz Hyży, Piotr Cugowski and Patrycja Markowska. All three will join – continuing his adventure with the show – Michała Szpaka, whom we asked about the new team.

So far it’s a knockout. It is sometimes stormy, but everything goes back to normal, no one has any grudges.It is still too early to give any judgment on any of the trainers, but there are people who have great charisma. For example, Grzegorz, Piotr, and of course Patricia. Each of them has a different personality they show us, me and the viewers, and I think it is surprising, because no one has ever known them from this side.

Does Michał miss the old team?

I miss them because I was very close to them. I miss Marysia, with whom I could always talk, borrow her look and have a jam session.. It was a really fantastic experience. The boys from Afromental are also missing, because they introduced such a nice, relaxed atmosphere, which was absolute dynamite. Andrzej, who was a bit of a mentor…. is also being missed.


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