A treat for collectors and not only – 10.06.2018

A book published by the Polish Song Museum, created to mark the 55th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole containing a short interview with Michał.




During the 52nd KFPP (National Festival of Polish Song in Opole) in 2015, your song “Jesteś Bohaterem” received the Main Prize in the Premiere category. Your stage debut and popularity are largely due to your previous television show experience. However, despite this fact, was the Opole Festival and the distinction you received there important for you as an artist?

It was definitely a crucial moment in my life, because it was the first single from the album “Byle Być Sobą”, which achieved such great success after a three-year break. This performance and victory put wind in my sails.

You were also the winner of the 53rd KFPP in 2016. Were you surprised by the results of the “Golden Opole” contest, in which the audience decided that it was “Jesteś Bohaterem” that became the biggest hit in the history of the Opole  Festival?

“Surprise” is a good word. I think you can even call it shock. Even today I am not able to fully comment on that event …

Did you dream about performing at Opole when you were young? Do you think that this festival is important for young Polish artists?

I think it is the biggest festival in Poland, which has given opportunities to many legends, and I wish it never ends. To be able stand on the same stage – an indescribable feeling …


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