A legend about Miszanel, author Marta Łakomska – 10.06.2018

A legend about Miszanel

Once upon a time (or maybe not so long time ago?), somewhere behind seven mountains, behind seven forests, in a distant land (or maybe quite close?), there lived a little starling called Miszanel. Miszanel was loved by his large family of starlings. He grew up surrounded with love, a sense of security and care. This llittle starling loved singing, above all. He was singing every single day, whenever he could. The legend says that his starling whispers were even more beautiful than singing of a nightingale. There was only one thought that bothered him.

– Why are my feathers different? – He wondered each time he looked at the mirror.

One cloudy day, when he was coming back from a cherry grove with his starling mother, he decided to ask.

– Mommy, tell me please, why my feathers are different to yours, to dad’s  and different to my sibling ones? – There was suddenly a tiny tear drop visible in his starling eye.

– My little one, why are you asking? Your feathers are beautiful! – a gentle and calming expression of his mommy’s face did not manage to cheer Miszanel up.

– This is not true at all! They are different when the sun shines, different in the moonlight, and even more different on a cloudy day like today! – The little starling burst into tears.

-My little starling, that’s what their beauty is about! – His mom cuddled Miszanel with affection while they sat down on one of oak branches.

– But what do you mean? I do not understand!

– Your feathers are unique, just like you! It makes you one and only, a special one. Remember that each of us is different, extraordinary in our own way! You could be able to share your special uniqueness with almost the whole world.

– Yes, but my feathers will always stay visible anyway! – Miszanel did not give up.

– Yes, son, but it’s only feathers! You can lose them later on – and new ones will grow, maybe different ones. So what? Are you always going to wonder why they are different? Yes, they are different and they will stay different, because each of us is different. The most important thing is to stay yourself, always … and to do what is there in our souls. You have a beautiful voice Miszanel, thanks to it you can reach out for your dreams. Do what you love and you will feel what happiness means.

After this conversation Miszanel has never looked at his feathers in a negative way again. When time went by, he learned to see beauty in them, he kept on singing and he was growing up. When Miszanel was no longer a little starling but a handsome starling instead, he remembered the words of his mother and he set off into the world. He stretched his colourful feathers over the mountains and valleys, and spread his starling singing above clouds and high above stars. His beautiful singing was heard all over the world, he gave people joy, emotions and relief.

And then Miszanel understood the words of his mother and “felt what happiness meant”.

Marta Łakomska


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