On May 28, one of the most-anticipated social events in show-business took place in Warsaw. Every year the Great Gala of the Stars brings together the hottest names in the Polish entertainment industry with the stars shimmering like birds-of-paradise in their gowns on the red carpet. Contrary to appearances, it’s not only women, as men’s fashion also holds high standard. Just look at Michał Szpaka.

Michał proved that not only is he not afraid of bold colours but also crazy styles – which is not surprising at this stage of his career. It would be best to make a comparison to Lady Gagi in the best sense of the word. Mint coloured suit combined with light yellow shoes may seem like a mismatch at first glance, but in fact, the neon colour livens up the subtle pastel shade giving it character.

The elements that connect the entire look are undoubtedly the small gold gold accessories , accessories such as the buttons or jewelry, but above all, it’s the coloured glasses. The pointy shoulder of the jacket and plunging neckline as well as tailored waistline matched with wide-leg trousers showed of Michal’s silhouette perfectly making difficult to take eyes off him. The hair, tided back not only looked elegant but was also – everyone with long hair will understand the need to expose the neck in such heat.

To sum up: Szpak presented himself very well this evening, restoring faith in men’s fashion. It’s not just black jackets and boring striped pants after all.


Today at the Ufficio Primo the 3rd ‘Plejada’s Stars 2018’ took place. During the event, Poland’s biggest show business stars received readers’ awards. Before the ceremony, the stars posed on the red carpet. Who was there??


Szpak presented himself in a unique, slightly asymmetrical mint suit. He was wearing see- through yellow glasses. But have a look at the bottom part of his outfit – there is a lot happening over there! His in intense yellow shoes (almost canary) stole our hearts. The vocalist’s costume was totally his style, he knows how to draw attention to himself. Bravo for the courage!

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