Michał Szpak in a leading role – 22.02.2018

Long hair, painted nails and makeup. Colorful bird of the Polish music scene. The door to his music career was opened by the X Factor where he came second. His appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest, where he reached the finals, brought him fame and admiration of fans, but also hate from those who did not like his image.

He has followed his own path since childhood and has always met with lack of acceptance. But he never gave up on his dreams and being himself. How did he manage it? Where did his strength come from? Michal is changing. He has matured over the years separating him from the thrilling X Factor debut.

– I try to be a better person – he says on the show.

But he is still far from the typical 27-year-old.

– I am a bit detached – he confesses to Magda. – I’m not easily tamed, and it is difficult to live with someone like me.

THE PREMIERE of the first episode of “W roli głównej” on Monday, March 5 at 22:25.

Episode repeats:

Wednesday, March 7, 15:00

Saturday, March 10, 14:30

Sunday, March 11, 9:00 and 00:20

Magda Molek talks briefly about Michał’s appearance on the show.




The announcement of Michał’s interview was also mentioned by Party

  Michał Szpak is going to be the first guest on the new Magda Mołek talk show w Monday, March 5 at 10:25pm. The 27-year-old star will talk about his journey to the top, recollects the beginnings of his career and answers some surprising questions. One of them concerned a song that Michał Szpak “tortured” his family with. The answer to this question may surprise you!


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Long haird Michał is going to be a special guest on the premier episode of a new show – W roli głównej. An announcement of the hit episode has just appeared on the official page of TVN Style! From the short fragment of the interview, we already know it is going to be an exceptional episode. Magda Mołek will meet with the star on Monday, March 5 at 10:25pm . 


The show’s announcement  also  on TVN Style Instagram nhttps://www.instagram.com/p/Bfp7cp9htlZ/?taken-by=tvnstyle_official

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Michał Szpak as Magda Mołek’s guest on the first episode of a new season of “W roli głównej”. The TVN journalist is known for being able to convince even the most private stars to open up. Did she manage to do it on this occasion? Yes, we found out even before the episode went to air thanks to the preview fragments of the interview where Szpak talks about his very first date . Although initially a little shy revealing only that he was 14 years old at the time, he soon started to share some interesting details. How was his first date? Read more…

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