A year of the activity of our Association- 12.01.2018

This year was full of events.

While transforming our Fan Club into the Association, we had a lot of enthusiasm and lots of new ideas.

We have completed many of them and we still have new plans.

It is impossible to get bored with our Idol, there is always something going on, we are still moving forward. During the last 12 months we’ve gone to dozens of concerts. There were important as well as very important events such as: a concert in Jasło, Torwar, the tour with Scena Kulturalna, ‘’The Voice of Poland’’ program. We have marked the presence of the Oficial Fan Club of Michał Szpak there. There were big banners and small banners, clubs, lights, flags, bracelets, it’s difficult to count our gadgets. We proudly wore our OFC shirts. We have shown what kind of army we are to support Michał, and what a huge number of people are mesmerised with his music. We were all together at the concerts, we kept our fingers crossed for Michał in the ATM studio and in front of the TV – sets.

It is also impossible not to mention our charitable activity here. We are also unique when it comes to that (same as our Idol). Michał is an inspiration for these activities. As you know, we  were supporting the rehabilitation of Szymon, the beaten up man from Jasło, we gave a large amount to the share for Szpikowa Paczka, we took care of the Children’s Home near Jasło, our bears went to children in cancer departments, giving them joy and encouragement. The members of the Association visited the people in need, bringing gifts, but above all, good emotions and joy  😊🐻
Michał visited the children with a smile, support, positive thinking and warm hugs. He is irreplaceable when it comes to that 
Dear All, this all is possible only with you and thanks to you. Thank you 

Michał says that he wants to have a strong Fan Club.

You are the strength

Michał says that he wants to have a strong Fan Club.

You are the strength 💪Look how much we’ve done together, and this is not the end of  it 😉

Michał is proud of us. He was talking abut it all extremely emotionally at the fan meeting. We invite everyone to the Association of OFC Michał Szpak. Each person, every support is important 😊

Thank you for this extraordinary year, the next year is also going to be exciting.

Stay with us 

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Oficjalny Fan Club Michała Szpaka | 2011 - 2018 - Wszystkie Prawa Zastrzeżone