A lot of happiness Michał !!! – 26.11.2017

Our beloved Michał,

As your fans, we should wish you a spectacular success, a rain of awards, a sunshine of  diamond albums, intercontinental concert tours, first places n the charts for weeks, millions of  listeners to your music and many great personalities in the industry fighting for a cooperation with you.

But as your fans, we want to tell you that all of this does not matter at all.

That this is just a sweet cherry on  top of your birthday cake 🍒😁
You have convinced us yourself, that a value greater than any achievement, any prestige and glitz is who you are now – an alchemist of dreams, a shaman of sounds, a steward of emotions, an adventurer, a discoverer of  a day – to – day  joys, a conqueror of mediocrity and prejudice. Above all, you are a man who shows that it is always worth to treat the world better than it treats us. Because this world needs our kindness that we can learn. And each of us – with our unique, inner truth – has our own, place and our time in this world.And although you are just one, and there are thousands of us, it is difficult to find a way to return to you the whole load of good energy that you send to us.

We wish you only one thing: that even among thousands of our friendly voices and good thoughts, you would only listen to your own heart. Long before we all showed up at your side, your heart used to guide you to the right path.

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