A letter to Szymon – 13.04.2017

Dear All! We receive many questions from you about Szymon’s health condition. We have good news. 🙂 😀 Szymon is already at home and he is recovering, his family is looking after him. Physically, he feels much better, and we  are very happy to hear that. 🙂 😀 He still needs the support of relatives, friends and all good people to be able to believe and trust people again, and return to his normal  live.

The OFC association is in touch with Szymon’s father. Both parents  would like to thank you  for your support so far.

Let’s show Szymon that we continue to support him. Let’s write “A Letter for  Szymon”. It is supposed to be “for” and not “to”, because we do it for Szymon.

Dear All – you can write, under this post, in comments, what you  would like to say to Szymon. All letters will be printed and send to Jasło. We are convinced that such great Szpak – will is going to be better than any sort of  therapy. 🙂 🙂 Let our friend gather the strength for anther concert. Let’s  show, that we are waiting for him next to the stage. 🙂  🙂

In addition, we are launching ‘’a postcard action’’. Whoever can please send him a post – card from your city. Let Simon know how many of us are there and where we are from. Such greetings, from all over Poland, and maybe Europe, 🙂 😀 will be special for him. Postcards can be send to the address of the Association:


The Official Fan Club of Michał Szpak

PO Box No. 28

Branch UP Warsaw 38

  1. Rembielińska 20

03-200 Warsaw

Once again, let’s show what kind of a Szpak – Army we are. 🙂  😀



Szymon is a good, cheerful and a vulnerable man.

At the end of February 2017,  he was informed of a delivery of a parcel, but he was attacked and severely beaten in his apartment instead. He was transported to the hospital in Jasło, and the next day, due to the injuries he suffered, he was transported to a Surgery Clinic in Rzeszów.

Szymon’s current state of health allows him to stay at home.

On behalf of our son Szymon, we would like to thank you (family, our friends, colleagues and friends of Szymon, residents of Jasło, and also Michał Szpak and his fan club) for the support that Szymon and we have experienced in the difficult time.

Thank you very much for the wishes and words of encouragement for our son Szymon, that came from all over the country.

It was very  touching  and very constructive, especially for Szymon – while we were in Rzeszów, we passed the wishes on to him. This had a very positive effect on the treatment process, especially in the sphere of his psyche – we observed it during our day – to – day visits to the Clinic in Rzeszów.

The njuries, that Szymon has suffered, are slowly disappearing, it will be more difficult in the sphere of the psyche, and therefore the support of his friends will be of great importance. Szymon is very friendly and always wanted good relations with everyone.

Thank you once again for your support and for being with us. We are very grateful to you.

Szymon’s parents.


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