The OFC in Brussels – 29.04.2017

A small documentation from the OFC’s visit in Brussels.

The capital of Europe welcomed us with a sunshine and beautiful architecture. We tasted the famous Belgian fries and Brussels waffles, let’s not talk about the amount of calories  we consumed.

We visited the Museum of Chocolate and, as lovers of beautiful music, we visited the Museum of Musical Instruments. In order to continue the tradition of our foreign journeys, we promoted Our Artist and his faithful Fan Club 🙂 😛 everywhere, arousing a lot of friendly interest. Once, we even had to explain, that we are not from a fan club of Michael Jackson but  only Michael Szpak. 🙂  🙂

You are invited to take tour in Brussels. 🙂

Dear All, the concert in Brussels is over. The hall at Birmingham Palace welcomed us with a crowd of people, a wealthy looking hall with beautiful chandeliers and a marketing approach to the event. While waiting for the performance of the star of the evening, we were entertained by the speaker who, as they say, “did his best.” We were also familiarized with a long list of sponsors, invited several times to the bar, which probably was important considering the next part of the event. There was a girl singing before  Michał, with a great voice. After Michał, as we know, sang Beata Kozidrak. The truth, however, is that there was only one king on the stage. And maybe we are not objective, but it was amazing there, divinely, perfectly and touching. And the moment when Michał dedicated our Renia ” Upaść Ale Wstać ” was so touching that many of us wiped the tears.

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