Co-operation with the Bone Marrow Team – 30.01.2017

“If there is night – there must be day,
if there are tears – there must be laughter,
if there is wrong – God is for certain.”
(Jan Twardowski)
Dear friends! As you probably know, we have established a cooperation with the Poznań Bone Marrow Team and we want to join it and our Artist in support of sick children. Together with Michał, we want to remove them away for a moment from the hospital reality. Every moment that makes them smile is priceless and we believe that the memory will give them strength to fight the disease.
Together with Michał, during his last visit to the Oncology and Hematology Clinic in Poznań, we gave the children teddy bears in specially designed T-shirts with the inscription “You are a Hero”. We want the teddies given to the children by Michał to become a permanent element of such visits. We funded the previous 50 or so teddies from contributions paid by members of the Michał Szpak OFC Association, for which we are very grateful to you. However, we want to cover more purchases of the plushies from other sources, among others from the sale of teddy bears, and we know that there is a lot of interest, which you have repeatedly indicated to us.
All proceeds from the sales will be used to purchase next teddy bears. The profit from the sale of one teddy will allow us to finance half the cost of the next. And the needs are big, because in two weeks’ time in Szczecin next meeting of Michał and children is planned. The demand is big as the next meeting with Michał and the children is planned for Szczecin in two weeks’ time.

The price of one teddy bear is 35 PLN. It should include the cost of courier delivery, which is 15 PLN. In order to limit this additional cost, we recommend people living in the same city who know each other well, to place a combined order and pay for one shipment only. It will also be possible to pick up the teddy bears before or after a concert after making an appointment. Unfortunately, it will not be possible at all Michał’s concerts. The upcoming concerts, where you can possibly pick up the purchased teddy, are Szczecin, Kalisz and Kielce.
If you are interested in purchasing a teddy bear, please contact us at the following address: In the title of the e-mail, please write “MISIE”. Please write the number of teddy bears you would like to order, whether you will be picking it up (if yes, where will the pick-up be) or use a courier. In the case of a delivery, please specify the shipping address the phone number. All payments should be sent to the Association’s bank account. We prefer this form of payment and only in exceptional cases will you be able to pay in cash.
The teddy bears will be sent every Monday after the money is credited to our account. The bank account number is provided on the website:

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