Establishing The Association Of The Official Fan Club of Michał Szpak – 24.11.2016

Dear All,
The Official Fan Club of Michał Szpak is growing stronger and there are more and more of us. It is a great honour and joy for us. In order to meet the growing organizational challenges and even more effectively support the development of our Artist’s career, we established the Association of The Official Fan Club of Michal Szpak, on 24 November 2016. It is registered in the District Court Gdańsk-Północ VII,( Sąd Rejonowy Gdańsk-Północ VII Wydział Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego) under the number KRS 656558. Our association has been entered, not only in the Register of Associations and other Social and Professional Organizations, but also in the Register of Entrepreneurs, which means that it will be able to run a business. The association will operate on the basis of the ‘Association Law Act’ (Ustawa Prawo o stowarzyszeniach), the ‘Corporate Income Tax Act’ (Ustawa o podatku dochodowym od osób prawnych), and on the basis of other applicable legal acts.
All collected contributions, donations, as well as funds will be used for statutory purposes, which include mainly supporting the development of the career of our Artist, promoting his work, and associating people interested in the career of the singer.
Following the dynamic development of our Idol’s career, we want to improve and expand the Fan Club. Establishing the association will allow us to take many actions and we will be able to organise many events of different kind. It will enable an official cooperation with Michał’s management, with the organizers of concerts and other cultural events, and will also allow to  bring new sponsors. The members of the board of the Association will not receive payment for their functions.
We also have an official agreement and a hot support of Our Idol for this initiative.On behalf of our team and Michał Szpak, we invite everyone to join the Association. The membership will give you  both obligations and privileges associated with it. The basic duty and privilege of a member of the Association of the Official Fan Club of Michał Szpak will be supporting our Idol, taking care of his image and the image of the entire Fan Club. Members shall pay an annual contribution of not less than PLN 50 to implement the Association’s statutory goals.
The Association, will organize the concerts and will support all initiatives of fans.
The members of the Association will have a priority in participating in organized events, competitions and meetings. The Board of the Association has an idea to start a new tradition of an annual meeting of fans, which would aim to get to know each other and have a good time together.It would be an  independent meeting with a participation of our Artist.
The official inauguration of the Association will take place on November 7, 2017. We will start registering new members that day. It will be necessary to complete the declaration and pay an annual contribution of at least PLN 50. Michał Szpak will receive the Honorary Member ID of the Association and our Patron. Later on, it will also be possible to join the association via a website
www.michał More information coming shortly.

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