”Wyborcza”summarized the festival in Opole – 060.06.2016

“How many times can the audience be ‘’cheated on’’ with the same songs? Maybe they’ve had  enough of it now, which can be proved by the results of the voting – from the flood of older and younger hits, it was Michał Szpak with a song” Jesteś bohaterem ” who won Opole last year. Even the performer ,himself, was surprised with the results. Whether it was the effect of the work of the Fan Club of Szpak  or the audience was bored with the old songs and have decided to be rebellious – it would be good if this verdict gave the organisers of the festival in Opole next year some food for thought … ” This is the way Golden Opole  was summed up by Wyborcza 😉 ( http://wyborcza.pl/1,75410,20192293,opole-2016-parada-odgrz… ). If you want to feel the emotions of yesterday one more time, see the announcement of the results  as well as the competition and the performance of the laureate, check this link:


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