Szpak’s world in numbers – 24.03.2016

Although Michał never complained about the interest surrounding his person, participation in Eurovision is undoubtedly a powerful flywheel that takes him to a new level of popularity. The YouTube madness attracts particular attention as well as the successful sales of the new album. It is difficult to keep up with the sum-ups since the national selections, however, we have been tempted by a few tasty statistics;)

On March 6, when our mobile phones hadn’t had time to cool down after the SMS voting for Michał in the national selections, the album “Byle być sobą ” quickly got into the top ten of best-selling Polish CDs on the Empik website. Three days later he was already in second place, and at the same time leading first three best-selling CDs on Empik.

Furthermore, on March 17, the album entered the OLiS list (Official List of Sales) at 16th place, which was announced by the editorial team

What is surprising, is that among the new entries was also the album “Byle Być Sobą” by Michał Szpak. The album has been in stores since autumn, but apparently it was the artist’s participation in the national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest that allowed him to reach a wider audience.

The album was temporarily sold out; however, the newly produced CDs went on sale again, remaining on the top ten of the bestselling Polish CD 🙂 If by some miracle you have not yet familiarized yourself with Michał’s debut album, we strongly encourage you to make up for it. Incredibly diverse, exciting material hiding musical shades you were not expecting!

It is impossible not to mention the souring number of views of subsequent clips. It only took two days for the video of Szpak’s National Selections performance, to reach half a million views on  the official Eurovision Song Contest channel. On March 11, it already reached 1 million! 🙂

On the same day, the number of views of Szpak’s lyrics video was nearly 3.5 mln, “beating YouTube’s records”, as reported by Eska. Currently, the number reaches almost 5 million!

Also two days after the premiere, there was half a million views of oficjalnego teledysku do “Color Of Your Life, and on March 16, the number rounded up to 1 million.

After a week, it reached over 2 million views. Szpuck Yeah!

Eska points out that this is “the largest increase in the number of views among the songs competing in the 2016 contest”, thanks to which the song is growing into a “leading position for the most viewed in Europe amongst the Eurovision competitors “.

As reported by Flesz Muzyczny Onetu, our Representative’s entry has at the same time achieved a quick advancement on unofficial rankings of the best Eurovision songs – those in the know are even suggesting a top five! 😀 Also impressive are the thousands of positive comments from foreign listeners, which are growing from minute to minute (

It is not only the song from the contest, however, that attracts the attention of the public. Here’s a list of other hit singles released so far along with official music video:

Real Hero – 2,2 mln
Jesteś Bohaterem – 1 mln
Such is Life – 1,1 mln
Byle być sobą – 1,1 mln

Why are we not surprise? 😀 Well, “To Be Yourself” and keep gaining millions more!
Our huge congratulations go out to Michał! Let the pace at which he conquers the hearts of his fans be a good omen before the Eurovision rivalry and great foundation for further career development 🙂


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