Starling… connecting people :) – 24.03.2016

Szpak’s popularity is spreading ever wider, reaching beyond the borders of our country, so more and more often you can find foreign language articles on the internet, such as “10 things you didn’t know about Michal Szpak” (“10 rzeczy, których nie wiedzieliście o Michale Szpaku”) 🙂 The interesting facts presented there are no secret to the Polish fans. We are happy none the less that even people from abroad have the opportunity to get to know closer such a unique Artist. One of Slovenian websites writes about Szpak as “one of the best vocalists in Poland” and “young musical phenomenon”; The editorial team has not missed the fact that “Color Of Your Life” already has a total of over 8 million views on YouTube!

Michał often appears on Eurovision website dedicated to international fans of Eurovision Wiwibloggs, which regularly publishes various types of presentations and summaries of this year’s contestants, as well as encourages readers to participate in numerous polls. If you feel like clicking, commenting on and expressing support for our Representative there, please feel free;)

It is with great pleasure that we also invite you to Michał’s new international fanpage on Facebook run by his fans from – are you ready for this? – Peru! 😀 If you have friends from abroad, you must share this page with them; there, you will find news and information about Michał in English. We highly recommend it!

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Oficjalny Fan Club Michała Szpaka | 2011 - 2018 - Wszystkie Prawa Zastrzeżone