Pre-selections – it’s already tomorrow! – 04.03.2016

The pre-selection concert is fast approaching, the comments multiply, the tension increases, as well as the expectations. Michał’s home town, Jasło and Rzeszów declare an official support for the singer  🙂


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The vocalist gave a short interview for (“Zaszczytem będzie reprezentować Polskę!”), and there is also a competition konkurs, where you can win an album with an autograph. Also Interia,asked Michał, as part of conversations with the Polish candidates for the Eurovision,  abut the preparation for the concert and what he thinks  abut the level of this international event.


I’m not afraid of anybody, because we all take part in an equal game, and it is the audience who are going to decide. (…) During the Eurovision you simply have to sing perfectly well live, regardless of the musical style of the song you perform.

Let’s add, that it was Szpak wygrał ankietę Interii who was the winner of the questionaire organised to check who the most favourite singer was. There were over 530 thousand (!) of votes, and 45% of them got Michał 🙂 He was better than his main competitors Margaret and Edytę Górniak. We think that this is a good singh and that he will do equally well during the pre – selections.

If you would like to hear the live version of “Color Of Your Life”, please see here: fragment nagrania z próby, the link was posted on Facebook by one of the team members of TVP. Is there anyone left who doubts whether it should be THIS voice representing us during the Eurovision?  😉 You can also watch here: zapowiedź Michała – preparations for the competition.

“Controversial, colourful and crazy, from the very beginning of his career he has been called the most colourful among the Polish vocalists” – you can not deny it, this is Michał!  🙂

You can read about the stage settings here:

As expected, we heard a strong vocal, and during the whole performance, at the background, there were interesting red-black ball-shaped visualizations. They are to be updated until tomorrow – there will be fire inside them. We can expect a very good performance tomorrow, which will cause a lot of emotions and will definitely be interesting for many people


It looks like there will be real fire!  😀

What does the singer think about the musical rivalry? In an interview for he says that the main vocal competition is  probably going to take place between him and our national diva, Edyta.

The most important pre – competition information is Michał’s number during the Pre- selections. We got to know it today!  Agencja Musicart, to vote for Michał, please text 7  🙂  (a lucky 7?) Attention, you can only vote during the performance of Michał or during the recital of Andrzej Piaseczny, which will take place after all performances. Remember: TVP1, at 9:25PM, 1 SMS per 1 phone number !!!

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