Szpak and his gang in an amphitheater :) – 17.06.2015

We just had to be there in Opole! For the occasion of the performance of our artist, we had prepared promotional posters. We also did not forget to practice the words of the song, that was taking part in the contest,  in order to show the presence of fans of Szpak in the audience 😉

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Just before the festival, Michał said a few words to us kilka serdecznych słów:

you are an invincible and probably the best fan club you can imagine  🙂

Talking about the fans, it is also worth mentioning that the elegant jacket,  which the vocalist was wearing while performing on the stage of the Amphitheatre, is the work of one of his female fans, Franka Buczek  🙂


On the day of the concert, we managed to register  a performance of ” Jesteś bohaterem ” before the premiere, which was the general rehearsal, sung in a really fantastic way by Michał. Everyone who had the opportunity to hear it must have realised that this VOICE makes Szpak one of the absolute favourites of the evening.


Thousands of votes confirmed what the fans had known for a long time. It’s great that some of you have come there to  support Michał personally in the Amphitheatre in Opole. The chorus, which we sang together, turned out to be a happy omen  🙂 Michał, congratulations on your success, we are proud of you. Thank you, to all of you, for being there with him! We hope that there are still plenty of such exciting meetings and great musical emotions ahead of us.


News_Szpacza ferajna w amfiteatrze


And from the fan page of Szpak ze Szpaczego fanpage’a:

Dear All, I would like to thank you, once again, for your votes! I hope that the album, that I am preparing for you, since a long time, is going to be a reason for your joy and experience of many emotions! I also would like to thank my management for the support, my fun club, my producers, Patryk Wojciechowski for the wonderful projects, Mrs Frania for the beautiful jacket and everyone who were keeping their fingers crossed for me, my Dad, my brother, my sisters. I love you !!! My Mum, thank you for watching me! I love you!



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