The numbers speak for themselves :) – 23.04.2015

We watched a video for “Real Hero” a week ago for the first time, and today it already has half a million views pół miliona odsłon na YouTube  😀 We would like to congratulate Michał on the well-deserved success, and we encourage the fans and supporters of the talent of Szpak to continue watching and sharing the music video. We crave more and we are waiting for a million views!

Michał’s performance in DDTVN is also very popular – the video posted on the TVN fanpage filmik załadowany na fanpage TVNu has almost 220,000 views so far.

If you also can’t imagine your favorite playlist without “Real Hero”, be sure to go to Muzodajnia Muzodajnię or iTunes, where the song is available to download.


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In the meantime, we already have an official confirmation from the vocalist about his new artistic manager. Michał Jastrowicz, together with the agency Music Art, is currently in charge of the development of Michał’s career. As Szpak wrote, Jak napisał Szpak:

What can I say … I am in a team of a Guardian of great Polish artists such as: Kasia Kowalska, Ira, Patrycja Markowska, you can see it yourself.  I am starting a new stage of my career, under the wings of the artistic agency Music Art. Any contact information, if necessary, can be found at this address :

I would like to tell Jacek Jastrowicz and the entire crew – I am ready to act! FuckYeaaaaah and let it happen !!!!

The agency has also announced the cooperation with the information on Facebooku  today, and on the official site of Music Art oficjalnej stronie Music Art, there we can read the first – how optimistic 🙂 – news about Michał and the great results of the new clip on the Internet. We keep our fingers crossed for the success of the new team!




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