A chat with Michał Szpak – DD TVN – 19.04.2015


I am always myself and I am not going to change it. I wish all of you to be able to be yourself. 


Michał Szpak: Hello my lovely! I am already with you and I will answer all your questions: *

~ guest: Do you have any more songs ready?

Michał Szpak: Yes, I’m halfway through the material. Another single will appear soon. But let’s enjoy this one for the time being…  🙂

Margarita Black Red: What was the inspiration for you to create ‘’Real Hero’’? When is the premiere of your new album?

Michał Szpak: There is no a fixed date of the premiere of the album. And when it comes to ‘’Real Hero’’, the inspiration was our everyday life, which shows that everyone goes through different moments in their life and he/ she is a hero. Now let’s try not to become heroes for ourselves, but above all for other people.

~ guest: There are almost 100,000 views of  “Real Hero”, are you happy or do you think that it is not enough yet?  🙂

Michał Szpak: I think that for a debut after such a long period of time, which was four years, this is not a bad result. I am glad that you like the song and I hope that this is just a beginning of its views, and that we will have a millionth one any day soon 😉

~ guest: What mood will your new album be maintained in?

Michał Szpak: Everything will revolve around the style of the 60’s, 80’s, 90’s. The material that I create is eclectic like me.

Margarita Black Red: Do you have any other projects in mind other than music (eg dancing or modeling)?

Michał Szpak: Be vigilant, soon … 😉

~ guest: Are there any songs in Polish on the album?

Michał Szpak: Yes. The album is not only going to be in English. So, do not worry. I remember the country I live in and that our language is beautiful.  🙂

~ guest: Do you think that you have changed since 2011?

Michał Szpak: I think that, over the course of such a long period of time, each of us has changed, so it is obvious that I am a slightly different person but the change results from the experience and the passage of time. I am always myself and I do not intend to give up on this and I wish each of you never to give up on your own self.

Margarita Black Red: What does the work on the set of the music video looked like?

Michał Szpak: As you can see, the music video is very static, subdued. This is due to the mood of the song that I perform and despite the way it looks like, even with such peaceful scenes, you have to make some physical effort  😉

~ guest: How about you cooperation with the new manager? Are you satisfied?

Michał Szpak: My cooperation with the new producers and my manager …? You will see the results yourself  🙂

~guest: What language is the next single going to be in?

Michał Szpak: The next single will be in Polish.

~ guest: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Michał Szpak: An unpredictable introvert with a lot of spontaneity.

~ guest: What inspires you?

Michał Szpak: I get inspirations from every single day and people I meet. All this allows you to develop yourself and, consequently, transmit emotions into music.

~ guest: Michał, I am so curious, have you ever been helped by a stylist to complete your outfit?  🙂 Do you design everything yourself?

Michał Szpak: When it comes to my image, it depends, but I make use of advice of other people. I want my shoes match my glasses 😉

~ guest: How can we help you with the promotion of ‘’Real Hero’’?  🙂

Michał Szpak: If you like this song, listen to it and show it to your friends. Share the emotions that I share with you  🙂

~ guest: You are a great artist  🙂 Will there be any concerts in Poland closer to the western border, like Słubice hehe?

Michał Szpak: My dear friends, when it comes to concerts, the time will come. Now, I am focusing on the promotion of the new single, on recordings of the new material and I am preparing to release the next song. Regarding the concerts, just be vigilant.

~ guest: Do you sometimes have moments when fame kind of “overwhelms” you? If you could start it  all over again, would you go the same way?  😉

Michał Szpak: I think that the path I have chosen is what I had always wanted, so I would never change what has happened, I would not go back in time … unless I could exchange it for a few moments with my mother.

~ guest: Why did you stop creating new songs for such a long time?

Michał Szpak: Creating new songs, the material, is supposed to arise from your  interior. Today, I am full of new experiences, new emotions that I can give you. That’s why for an album to have a message, we had to wait for so long, because it’s the truth that matters to me.

~ guest: Do fans play an important role in your career or are they secondary?

Michał Szpak: Fans are a huge part of my life. You play a very important role – for what I thank you. And what is most important, it’s not only me that can see that my fans are really special and sensitive.

~ guest: Do you have your favorite cake (I’m not asking which one)?

Michał Szpak: If it comes to sweets, I definitely do not like cakes.  😉

Margarita Black Red: What do you think? When did you become free? I mean, when was the moment that you could be who you wanted to be? With no limits created by others?

Michał Szpak: It seems to me that a man is free from the very beginning. It’s the choice of every man, whether he wants to be dependent on someone or not. Freedom is a state of mind. You can also be free  😀

~ guest: Hey, what are the pros and cons of fame and popularity? Regards ^^

Michał Szpak: hmm … This is a difficult question because when we decide to be popular, which results in the loss of anonymity, we must struggle with the fact that, for example, while resting on the beach in Sopot we will not be able to relax 😀 However I am not sure if popularity or any other accupaction can have its pros and cons – it’s the point of our view. I look at everything in a positive way

. ~ guest: Which concert was your most favourite one?

Michał Szpak: When it comes to concerts, I remember each one in a completely different way and it’s really hard to put them together starting from the best one … It’s time to start a new concert adventure  🙂

~ guest: Are you already happy at this point, because as you can see the song has been successful?

Michał Szpak: My happiness does not depend on a success or a failure. Nevertheless, I am glad that you like what I’ve created. I am a happy person and I wish you the same.

~ guest: Imagine that it is June 2011,  the XF has just finished. If you had your present experience in the show business, would you make the same career decisions, or would you do something in a different way?

Michał Szpak: I could not be the man I am now if it wasn’t because of what has happened during the last 4 years. Experience makes  you stronger and shows what is good and what is bad for you – you just have to draw conclusions out of it. As I have mentioned before, I would not want to turn back time, maybe only in one case …

~ guest: Have you been learning singing, because we can hear  a huge progress…: *

Michał Szpak: A man learns his whole life 😉

Margarita Black Red: If you could pass a message to everyone, what would you say? What would you like to tell all of u?

Michał Szpak: I know it’s banal … but carpe diem.

magdalena_violetta_filomena: Are you a vegetarian?

Michał Szpak: I love meat!  😉

~ guest: Do you have any plans for the future?

Michał Szpak: Music  🙂


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