A visit on the set – 03.04.2015

It’s time for a small summary of our adventure while shooting  Michał’s latest music video. A bunch of the chosen ones appeared at the Musical Theater in Poznań, on  31st March, where the video was recorded. We are not going to reveal the concept of the video or the role of the fans in the  scenario. The music video is about to be ready soon, so we will refrain from it not to spoil it al 😉 With the agreement of the Management, however, we provide you with a few photos from the recordings – a small sample of magic, which the recording team provided for us. As you can see, in the video, there will be a romantic dance of Michał and Paulina Biernat, his partner from “Taniec z Gwiazdami”. The unusual couple of friends has finally had the opportunity to fulfill a shared artistic dream  🙂

And group photos below – to remember about the adventure  😀

News_Ze Szpakiem na planie_02

News_Ze Szpakiem na planie_03

There are more photos of the lucky ones on our fan page na naszym fanpage’u.

On behalf of Michał and ours, we would like to thank everyone for coming and the great atmosphere  🙂 It was a great joy for all of us to participate derectly in this important moment and have the opportunity to accompany Michał. Now, we are just waiting for results! And let the last word belong to our Artist, who wrote about the cooperation with fans:

With your presence yesterday, dear All, you made me so happy that … I still can not believe it! I do have extraordinary fans! Thank you !



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