The new, latest projects – 01.02.2015

As for Michał’s further artistic plans for this year, we still have to be patient. The young vocalist is known for his taste for secrets, surprises and mysteries, so his comments on the subject jego wypowiedzi na ten temat are still quite enigmatic, though promising enigmatyczne, acz obiecujące:

The weekend has just finished, new plans, new possibilities 🙂 There are many challenges ahead of me 🙂 They are all musical ones, I will start a new musical chapter soon what is very exciting for me 🙂 We send you a huge amount of positive energy  😀 kisses; *

We guess that, not only fans, would be happy to get to know the details of the new album Michał is working on  🙂 Portal Interia  published a list of expected albums for 2015, also reminding us that the vocalist had to face a lot of professional trouble last year.

As we can see from facebook reports, soon we will see Szpak as a guest in a program of Omena Mensah  ” Domy Gwiazd’’ in DOMO +. Basically, Omena will visit Michał’s home 🙂 How is she going to present the Artist? This is probably unpredictable, however it’s definitely not going to be boring!

Last week was very intense and it ended with extremely crazy recordings with Omena. Together we have recorded some material, which I sense,  will cause a smile on many faces  😀


News_Najblizsze projekty


On 12th February 2015, we will be able to see Michał together with a band Ready For Life – the stage collaboration is due to JP Artist Festival, which will take place at the Warsaw Palladium. The event is organized thanks to the initiative of the record company  JP Artist S.A. More details on stronie Onetu  and on the website of the festival samego festiwalu. Tickets are available at the Palladium box office, Proxima ticket office, Empik ticket machines, Media Markt and Saturn chain stores, as well as online (,,, You are invited!  😀




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