The Internet portals report -20.08.2014

Michał still remains focused on working on his new, full-length album. His personality and image are constantly intriguing, which means that, from time to time, there are more interviews and gossips on different Internet portals. In an interview for Telemagazyn wypowiedzi dla Telemagazynu , Michał referred to the criticism and he said that he had to face it on a daily basis and he described it as unconstructive. Fortunately, his shield is his indisputable talent plus the lack of complexes.

From portalu Interia , we can find out where the delay in the release of the album comes from. Szpak admits that the Universal label did not want to accept the material. The artist does not want to give up and he feels mature enough to share his artistic vision with the listeners soon,  and at the same time, to  bear the burden of their opinions.

Also Paulina Biernat,  a partner of the vocalist from “Taniec z Gwiazdami”, was asked about her relationship with Michał. The dancer talked,  in a few very warm words w kilku bardzo ciepłych słowach,  about their – long-term – friendship  🙂

Szpak, who appeared at the birthday party of at the beginning August, also attracted the attention of Joanna Horodyńska and Ada Fijał przyciągnął także uwagę Joanny Horodyńskiej i Ady Fijał. Both ladies appreciated the evolution of the vocalist’s colorful image:

(…) there is  still the element of dressing up, but Michał’s interesting character  definitely stands out. This is no longer a wardrobe of an undecided artist! (…) Combining opposing styles is a difficult ability, reserved for mature aesthetes.

Surprisingly, a nice information was provided by a portal portal, where we can read about the successful start of a rocket with the Polish satellite Heweliusz 😀 As you probably remember, Heweliusz has a special meaning for us, what was mentioned in the report:

Let us remind you, that there is a  recording of Czesław Niemen’s song “Dziwny jest ten świat” by Michał Szpak inside the satellite.

Below, there is a recording that went straight to the stars …  🙂


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