The evening in Opole among the greatest – 09.06.2014

The 51st KFPP in Opole has come to an end and, according to the plan, there was a Jubilee Gala at the end of it entitled: “25 years! Freedom – I love and understand!”. Just after midnight, we had the opportunity to enjoy an interpretation of ” Jednego serca ” performed by Michał. It is worth noting that this song had a special meaning that evening, as it was set in a part of a concert called ‘Tolerance’. That evening, Szpak performed together with absolute stars, such as Stan Borys, Marek Dyjak and Maryla Rodowicz. The performance is available on the website of the Festival na stronie Festiwalu, we guarantee a repeat use of the ‘play’ button  🙂 Of course, Michał’s characteristic features could not be missing there: his powerful voice, his overwhelming expression and a madness of his image. The vocalist also revealed what his preparations before entering the stage look like  jak wygląda jego przygotowanie do wyjścia na scenę  🙂

Before the show, I run into trees, I’m gone and I absorb the energy of the Earth.

On his fan page, he also mentioned very special congratulations he had received after the show:

A handshake and words of appreciation from Krystyna Janda –  priceless!

According to his earlier announcement,wcześniejszą zapowiedzią, his look was “tasty and Szpak – style”. The stylization, clearly referring to the era of ‘’the children of flowers ‘’(although with a distinctly modern charm) did not escape the attention of the portals. His unique shoes unikatowe buty turned out to be an especially surprising accent:

The owner of the most extravagant footwear was Michał Szpak, who was even better than Maryla Rodowicz when it came to that.

We also have to mention the unusual duet niecodziennym duecie,  just before Michał’s performance. Maciej Maleńczuk sang a song ” Synu’’ (a son) , directing his words to Szpak who silently accompanied him on stage. The song ended with a friendly hug of both vocalists and after that, the stage was taken over by the younger one. Where did Maleńczuk Get this idea for this symbolic act from? Skąd u Maleńczuka pomysł na ten symboliczny akt? 

The duet with Michał Szpak was not spontaneous. I had invented it earlier. It was supposed to be a message for people that: you do not have to show off that you are tolerant, but tolerance is our duty.

The success in Opole, definitely makes the singer happy but also means some expectations. We wish Michał many more trips to the magical Amphitheater  🙂




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