Szpak doesn’t care about criticism ;) – 14.01.2014

Probably, there is  no one  who would come up with such a scenario, but as you know – such things are possible with Szpak 🙂 If you have not spent the last few days somewhere under the rock, cut off from the world, you have probably already stumbled upon Michał’s birthday video for his sister Marlena, that was an extreme hit on  the Internet.  The auto – ironic wishes recorded by the Vocalist and spontaneously posted by him on his fanpage have become a real super hit – the number of likes, comments and releases is still growing at an astronomical pace. Because of that, Szpak invaded the main pages of Onet and Interia and on numerous portals such as Pudelka or Wirtualną Polskę , and Michał immediately received invitations to the radio and television. You can  listen about it the studio of w studiu Dzień Dobry TVN and on Radio Eska na antenie Radia Eska.

Michał did not fail to comment on skomentować  the unfriendly opinions of some Internet users :

U, my lovely, what a mess !!! Some of them say:  you are narcissistic, a buffoon – they do not know me. Others say fuc**d up … And it’s a simple self-irony. I can laugh at myself. The worst thing is, that the thoughts of killing another person can come to some human minds. And now, it’s you, who have to ask yourself a question: who is the one really sick here? Anyway, best regards to everyone, some comments made me laugh to tears !!! And remember, we only have one life and it is worth to have fun !!! Have a nice day, more sex and more distance to some things.

Always happy to do creative jokes, Szpak also came up with an idea for a competition:

Do you like singing? Do you like dancing? One site  video and is enough! Record your  version of the HIT and the prize is yours! …. I’m not kidding. I am not able to provide a huge amount of likes, I am not able to defend you from hate but I will always be with you. So, do not hesitate anymore, because your career is waiting for you,  activate your camera cialis online price and win as Chiquita. If you manage to create a HIT will be amazing !!


And indeed, the vocalist recorded a new version of the wishes with a dedication for the person who had sent the best ,in his opinion,  cover of his birthday hit:



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