An unusual project – 24.11.2013

Immagine & Poesia (Obrazy i Poezja) is an important international artistic-literary movement founded in Alfa Teatro, in Turin, Italy, in 2007. On the website of the movement, there was published a piece of work of a honorary member of the movement, Krzysztof Ogonowski, who is this year’s winner of the international Biennale of Paintings in Vladivostok in the category of professional painting. The published song is accompanied by Ogonowski’s paintings and texts, and in the background you can hear MICHAŁ SZPAK‘s voice 🙂  Michał was a co-author of the text, which is  an inseparable part of the paintings – the lyrics from the song are written on the canvas of one of the paintings.

According to Lidia Chiarelli, the president of the association, the song is very popular, you can listen to it here There is also a chance that this unbelievably energetic song will be presented in Russia, Italy, Japan, South Korea and the USA during the vernissage of Ogonowski, who talks about Michał with a great appreciation:

Michał is an outstanding artist! His voice conveys unusual emotions. When I presented my paintings and lyrics in Russia, this year, together with the song performed by Michał, everyone was impressed by his voice.


We are inviting you to listen to “Muzycznego Manifestu”, you can also see the paintings there: obrazy Krzysztofa Ogonowskiego.

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