Michał Szpak announces a great return – wp.pl – 11.10.2013


Will he not disappoint this time?

There was no news regarding Michał Szpak since ages. The charismatic musician withdrew himself a bit  from the show business. However, those who think that he gave up his career are wrong. The vocalist, after his success during the Russian Song Festival in Zielona Góra, where he got the first place, decided to return. It looks like he’s working on a real musical bomb!

The first EP of Michał Szpak was a disappointement. The artist, to put it mildly, did not win the best reviews. Now, he has decided to work harder and start working with even better producers and managers. – I have recently started working with a new manager and there are completely new plans. These are quite big plans, because music will be written by people who write music for Kelly Rowland, and it will be mastered by people who master Katy Perry’s albums – the artist said for TVN. Surprised?

The vocalist, obviously, needed some time to think everything over. – These two years have passed despite my ears, not only for me, but also for my fans. You have to grow up for certain decisions and tasks. I needed this time to spread my wings – explains Szpak and announces that we can expect the first single this year.

It looks like Michał Szpak will show us what he can do. Let’s just hope that it’s going to happen. – There are huge plans. I believe in them. Not everything has been finalised yet, but I know that it will be – says the artist

Michał Szpak gained and immense popularity thanks to his participation in ‘’The X-Factor’’ program, where he got the second place. From the very beginning, he was a surprise both the jurors and the audience. Previously, he was the vocalist of a band ‘’Whiplash’’. In July 2011, he signed a contract with Universal Music Polska, which resulted in his first and only EP “XI”, so far.


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