”Oczy czarne” (Black eyes) … unruly … VICTORIOUS – 19.08.2013

Zielona Góra turned out to be truly magical – during the Festival of Russian Song 2013 Michał won the first award in an amazing way. With his full of drama and feelings performance of a Russian romance Szpak won the hearts of the audience, who gave him the largest amount of votes. He won a Golden Samovar and the prize of 50,000 zloty.

It was all clear already during the general rehearsal who was the favourite one during the festival. The  Amphitheatre in Zielona Góra froze as soon as the voice of Szpak sounded. You could hear that the vocalist was well prepared, focused and in an excellent vocal form. He was happy and in  a good mood since early morning. He shared his good mood with fans who he met near the Amphitheatre. He was willingly posing for photos and giving autographs. A positive aura was a good sign – it was going to be HIS day 🙂

Called the most eccentric participant of the Festival, Szpak as always, took care of his stage image. This time, the outfit was created in a collaboration with Stefano Terrazzino, who became known as the designer of one of New Year’s costumes of Michał. For the performance in Zielona Góra, the vocalist chose elegance with  a bit of rock chic – a black see- through shirt, tight red leather trousers and shoes on monumental wedges with studs. The noble image was completed with long straightened hair, some delicate makeup and black nails. We have to admit that the image was rather simple considering the fact that the artist is known for his passion for extravagance.

It was his pure, unquestionable talent that was the most important part of the performance. An excellent selection of a song allowed Michał to stand out among highly entertaining songs of other participants. While singing ” Oczy Czarne ” there was only the piano in the background what created a timeless atmosphere and Szpak had an opportunity to present a huge range of his vocal-interpretative abilities. He was fully aware of it and kept a full control over the artistic message throughout the performance. During the live performance, it was possible to fully feel the power and beauty of his magnificent voice – that ‘’pierced and enslaved’’ while telling the story of the unforgettable black eyes. The audience that was gathered this evening in the Amphitheater rewarded the performance with a huge applause even before the end of the song. It was also Michał who received the longest applause 🙂

The biggest competitor for the vocalist might have been Natalia Sikora – a recent discovery of one of TV talent shows and a winner of a contest Super Debiuty during the National Festival of Polish Songs 2013. The singer also concentrated on lyrical and emotional mood, but she was not the winner this time. She placed herself on the second position.

Michał’s victory was not accidental. His name had appeared every time while the partial results of the voting were given. His name was also very popular among the audience, while the final results were announced. As it was mentioned, later on, by one of the Internet portals: “Szpak outclassed his rivals”. After receiving the Golden Samovar from the hands of the President of Zielona Góra and the Director of The Festival, Michał thanked for his victory with his proper spontaneity, stressing the importance of a constant support of his family. Although he shouted with an an excitement, “I will pass out!”, he immediately grabbed a retro-style microphone (that had been prepared especially for him) to show his gratitude, as the artists do – with his music and the audience could hear again “Oczy czarne”. After that …there was only joy. 🙂

The high level of the performance of Szpak definitely proves his continuous development, and it is still not everything that he has to offer. The fact, that he won thanks to the votes of the audience confirms that he  is appreciated by the public who is able to notice an individuality of a stage. People seem to become more and more tolerant. Let us hope that the media can finally appreciate the value of extraordinary personalities who are different to ordinary patterns and fight with stereotypes.

We congratulate  Michał on his great achievement and we keep our fingers crossed for him to be able to set new, exciting artistic paths! 😀

All of you, who are interested what Michał’s festival day looked like from the backstage, please see HERE  TUTAJ – our Exclusive section 😉

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